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General Discussions

General more serious topics.

1,283 44,786

How can we help the planet?

2wk 0d ago by EnerSpi

Off-topic Discussions

General less serious topics.

10,751 969,686

Favorite Badass Villain

2wk 3d ago by walidd

Introductions Forum

Introduce yourself.

7,457 71,268

im totally new here

7wk 4d ago by Makeshift

Anime & Manga

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General Anime & Manga Talk

Discuss Anime and Manga.

10,054 232,958


2wk 3d ago by walidd

New Releases & Licensing

Talk about new episodes, seasons or movies, licensing news.

538 8,527

Code Geass: Fukkatsu no Lelouch

42wk 6d ago by arseoy


Talk about soundtracks and anime music videos.

549 12,972

what is your favorite anime OST ?

12wk 5d ago by BushidoGaara

In-depth Discussions

Have discussions about a certain series.

3,497 67,813

Do you like Kira and Lacus? Why?

3wk 2d ago by lkiu76

Culture & Entertainment

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Music & Movies

Discuss music and movies.

5,191 93,131

What Song Are You Currently Listening To? 5

7wk 4d ago by Makeshift

Hobbies & Sports

Discuss books, gadgets and other hobbies.

537 18,341


4wk 1d ago by eva1


Discuss various art/design topics here.

2,133 24,018

Wasted Rat

Sep 22, 2017 by Yason

The Sandbox

Share your works in progress or art that needs improvement

1,782 11,971

Learning to paint o_O

43wk 1d ago by areslane

Life & Lifestyle

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Love, Friends & Family

Discuss emotional matters and relationship issues.

7,971 174,690

Birthday gift for a toddler

4wk 6d ago by walidd

School & Work

Discuss paychecks, homework and teachers.

588 17,179

Should schools have uniforms?

4wk 6d ago by walidd

Body, Mind & Fashion

Uncertain about yourself? Or got the new trend?

826 31,043

Girls do you like boys with earrings?

2wk 0d ago by EnerSpi

Shopping & Food


375 16,693

How to return damaged product to third-party sites?

3wk 1d ago by Raquel003

Religion & Science

God or no?

640 22,863

Is Homosexuality Natural? Is Bisexuality?

May 18, 2018 by gadisitugirl

Computers & Internet

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Computers & Internet

Discuss anything computer or Internet related.

2,435 41,626

Anyone know a good free host of sites that has high bandwidth?

20wk 6d ago by beckhere1


PC, PS, GC, XboX, MMORPGs, you name it.

2,124 37,708

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate !

7wk 4d ago by Makeshift


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The latest updates at Minitokyo.

174 10,116

Doomsday has begun!

19wk 6d ago by Mt-Maigetsu

Minitokyo Discussions

Talk about Minitokyo.

4,975 40,500

Tag Administration Thread

19h 9m ago by moritz

Bug Reports

Post bugs and feature requests here.

1,692 9,104

Missing Wallpaper in my gallery

31wk 6d ago by angelearth10

Userpage Customization

Make something nice? Go ahead, show it off.

284 1,840

Userpage Customization Tips and Tricks

May 27, 2016 by rotten180

Group Announcements

Group Announcements

3,469 49,445

PSA: the Hard Ecchi tag

Feb 19, 2018 by pandemonium91

Deletion Appeals

Make a thread here if you disagree with a moderator's decision.

1,450 5,321

Burn The Witch Chapter 4

9wk 0d ago by Hakaru

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