Kono Minikuku mo Utsukushii Sekai, Akari and Ryou? ,good ending?

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Quote by Akari and Ryou, what the Hell was that? .................. I just had to get it out. why...GAINIX....why...[/quote

I first revied this anime after ep.7 and i loved it i gave it 10/10 , but towards the end it goes way down hill so i would think it would be 8.1/10

the animation is great , i love the opening + ending themes too , they are easily two of thebest opeining+ ending i have seen , also the show has great music to back up the reallygood animation, also a love a few of the charater Akari is so cute + i also liked Ryou.


I do really do hate a few parts that totally messed the show up , but still i did very much
enjoy the show most of the time, but i was VERY disapointed, the way they ended + the way they changed what Akari and Ryou realationship was.

And getting to Akari and Ryou relationship this is a HUGE mess , ( in the end they are made to be seen as sister + brother,) , if anyone had seen all ep.s up to 10 , you wouldn't take them for being brother + sister. you would think that Akari and Ryou DID have seam to have some kind of relationship going.. , ( shown a bit in ep. 7),

I know that somepeople disagree, and say that they did act that way, THEN WHY did Ryou always pay more attention to Akari in a different special!! way.. then his little sister( forgot her name).

also i'd think that the ending very disapointing and it also is the sadest anime ending i've seen , even though hikari said "she will come back to takaru" it seems such a disapointing
way to end a show having the two of main charaters , just disapear into space( turned in a star?) , and not being able to lead a normal life, with the friends they made and grew to love i find that part the sadest ,

even though it seem i have alot of bad things to say , I did like the story but the ending +and a few events did really put this anime down :(

well I hear that there is a manga of this, and I hope that its alot better the ending is different

well anyone else please post your thougts about the show + the not so good ending... + the confusing.... relationship bettwen Akari and Ryou ( i still see them as a couple no matter what anyone else says)

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  • Dec 07, 2004

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