Asian Horror Fans?

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With the release of the American Remake of "The Grudge" out for awhile, I thought i'd ask if there are any fans of Asian Horror Movies. I've seen quite a lot of Japanese horror and only 1 of each for Korean and Chinese Horror. Some of my favourite Asian Movies are:

Dark Water(not so much scary, but it was a pretty decent movie)
Ju-On(the original "The Grudge"):The Grudge 1(great movie, but it's sequel is even better!)
Ju-On: The Grudge 2
Ringu(not very scary but i love sadako and her not soo much scary nature..just her posture really creeps me out lol!)
A Tale of Two Sisters-great horror!!! really had my heart thumping, but really got me thinking too..the storyline was great for a horror movie
The Eye-really liked it..thought it combined really cool elements from other branches of horror movies

anyways, what's your fav. Asian horror movie(s)??

  • Jan 04, 2005

i find time for for a good asian horror now and again.

you sould check out, 'uzumaki'. its not to scary, but if you let yourself get dragged into the curse of the uzumaki, you can see how great a job they did in making it, hiding spirals here and there...pretty fun movie.
my fav is ju-on though

  • Jan 04, 2005

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