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Hi I was looking thru the forum to find out if someone has made this sugestion before. I haven't found anything as yet so forgive me if it has already been made. Well onto what I wish to talk about.

How about making like a subcategory for scans. e.g you have Kazuya Kuroda who does artwork for Vandread but for some people (like me) who don't know what artist does what for all artwork. (Kazuya Kuroda is an exception to the rule for me) why not have a subcategory that when they submit work you can put that in also if you know it is from Kawarajima Koh but for an anime. eg. Vandread ( I know he prob doesn't do stuff that is related to this anime but it is just an example) and then you could choose this subcatergory (Vandread) now this doesn't have to show up (the subcatergory) when you see the scan while browsing but if you choose the Vandread scans page to look for scans it would show up there. Oh and of course it would work the other way around if you were looking for artwork by a certain artist that would also show up when you were doing that.

I know this is probably a night mare to impliment and this is probably the reason why it hasn't been. But it might stop dups appearing, and people also getting upset cos a scan has been deleted. I think that people (well Most) go looking thru the scans to check to see if that scan has allready been uploaded. (Well I hope that they do anyway). Thanks to all that have a look and let me know to if it is at all possible to do such a thing.

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