To Dispel all Discrimination and Stereotypes

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I am going to start this thread in a hope to dispel any stereotypes, labellings.
So if you are troubled by something because you are being picked on because of the basis of race, religion, gender or whatever then post here and hopefully we can help you shoulder the weight you carry.
It could be about anything along those lines (but please lets keep it clean!), it could be something little like maybe your friends or family are making fun of your anime hobby or you would just like to clarify something you think might be stereotypical but afraid to ask in case it offends someone.
If anything gets out of hand tell me or PM me and i will close this thread


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woah such a huge topic. Our school just recently had an uproar because of a racial assault incident (not physical assault, verbal). It seems like minorities that are subject to these generalized categories often find themselves defending their individual identities as well as fighting against the identities imposed upon them externally via such categories.

But there are also times when people take advantage of how they are stereotyped. Our school has a step team that consists of some very stuckup black girls who think that everyone else (non-black students) doesn't know how to dance or look down people who are interested/try to learn.

Hm its random but yea. Stereotypes are bad of course when you impose them upon others, but taking advantage of that stereotyped identity is just as bad... you're just helping to perpetuate the cycle of discrimination.

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  • May 11, 2005

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