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This is my Anime Song/Rap tell me what you think, and see how many names you can spot you could even do one of your own (lets have a little fun)

I started with 123
then ABC
went from DBZ - GT
to MT.

My mind ran away with Anime
the thought came to me
write a ryme
make it a new T H R E A D!

Check it
I,m Goku in a Gundam
with a bubblegum crisis, and then some,

Agent Aika is on call if I need her
but if 3X3 eyes sees her...
shell be needing more than a Milla meter.

Teamed up with Lupin the third like me
A R T plus the riki
Dont make me Bleach your Blood
Ah! My Goddes stay with me

Akira watchin Akira at my Comic Party

Fix your posture
or meet the sword of Inu - Yasha

In a Invisable World
surrounded by angels that look like the Viper girls

Bumpin my Cowboy Bebop in my spaceship
with ET
Thas ok I'll let Nurse Nanako heal me

Am I a Ghost in a shell
only time will tell
If no ones there to listen
can they hear me yell.

time can't be saved...only spent message from the TAO



Still rolling on


quite good actually
nice work
I tried sing these words to Kyrptonite by 3 doors down
it works quite well, you should try

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Rock on, ya gots some mad skillz ~^

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Okaerinasai - Welcome Home



I'll just stick with my traditional J-Pop lyrics of the Crimson CP, thank you very much.

Give you props for writing down - um... 10 or so anime shows? Oh well - lolis

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