"GAME":Video Game Character/Minitokyo Members Sitcom!!

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Brom's slave


Integrate the world of video games and minitokyo members in order to make a sitcom.

This "game" will be split up into seasons. Each season will be required to have characters from a particular video game series. There is not limit for Minitokyo members (so everyone can participate). Before each season we all will choose what video game series to base it on.
To pick, we will do basic 'seconding option'. It basically goes like this...

Post 1: I want Sonic Adventure 2!!
Post 2: I second that!!
Post 3: I third it!!
Post 4: I want Metal Gear Solid 2!!
Post 5: I second MGS2!
Post 6: I third MGS2!!!
Post 7: I fourth Sonic Adventure 2!!

The first idea to be voted for five times, is what we will base it off of. The season will last for about 20 or so episodes (each episode will be a person's post).

-Number your episodes
-No excessive obscene langauge
-No Godmodding (making yourself invincible...which would be stupid in a sitcom)
-If a person numbers their episode "#5" and you too also number it "#5", and your post comes after theirs, please change it to the number after (which in this case, would be 6)
-No random slaughter; if a person wants to die, let them die on their own...
-It might be a nice thing to use games that people actually know. Using unknown games (like imports) will cause confusion on the characters)

-Keep the violence level low... Stupid violent acts get really boring really fast. On the other hand, comedic acts (and slapstick) are funny and draw more people here. After all, i have never seen a Sienfeld episode where they battle eachother with giant gunblades, in their birthday suits, over a giant pit of lava. Unless, that episode was lost :\...

Well then, shall we get started?

I suggest we use characters from Zelda.

Also, if you have any questions, ask me and ill come up with an answer...

Season One=?

"This will be our final battle..."



King of Hearts


I second Zelda

Hearts are Power, Nothingness is Eternal!

  • Jan 28, 2005

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