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Hi ? Everyone ?
I want you to see my post.
Therefore, I have to make Subject: "Nobody like "neowing"

Please, Listen my post closely, because
Even If I will be banned, I have to tell everyone that I have to teach you important things.

Ok, first, Everyone, "HAVE YOU SEEN MINITOKYO FAQ When you REGISTER"

You Haven't seen them, right ?

And Do you know what the statue of member ?
There are

Elite members:
Muted / restricted members
Banned members

You can see them under your Avators.
You seen one of them, right ?
But you saw them and you ignore them.
Most of time.

I am muted member.
I must tell you what will happen when you become like me.

First, You can't post in gallery.
You may download scan if you are level in 10
You may post in forum as topic maker but you can't reply or edit your post (Including Gallery Post)

I become muted member because....

I spamed in gallery post.

Here goes my talik,

What do you think spam means ?

When I ask my friends, spam is only in E-mail account.
The mean is: When somebody send you e-mail, he or she sent the same contents over and over again.
That is the spam.

When I become "Muted Member"
I post in frum "Help Need..."
Friendly member told me I may spam in somewhere.
So, I made " From: neowing, To: MiniTokyo member and staff "
In Suggestion and complaints.

I want to you make favorates when you post in gallery.
Because, when you received "Deletion Post" by one of moderator,
You can check what you wrote in gallery post made by you.

In my case,
Gallery Posts Made : 308
Forum Posts Made : 4
Guestbook Posts Made : 1

Totall : 313

My favorates: 214.

Now, I am going to talk about complaints
I am mute member.
I have to say to you all about my opinion.

When you log in, you can see
Message Center,
Private Message,

But Moderator didn't create "Warning Section"
I know all moderator sent "Warning" by Notification

In my case, I recived thank you message for Gallery Post.
So, I didn't check most of time which is my bad habits.
Therefore, I didn't know "Deletion of Post" or "Warning Message From Moderator"
were in Notification.

I want Moderator must make "Warning Section" in Message Center.

However, when I become member of Minitokyo,
I didn't received any privacy message that about what I mustn't do, or can do.

Like what is spam mean in Minitokyo. and Send example of them.

I want you to replay my Suggestions and complaints.
You may reply me as I am a bad member who doesn't respect Minitokyo.
Because I complain about my statues.

In addition, I sent support inquiry to Moderator that
You (Moderator) have a right to banned me because I spamed so many gallery,
so, I want you to make decision that I must banned or not.
I want you to vote it.

This is what "From: neowing, To: MiniTokyo member and staff" is about.
I am tell you that I can't edit what I wrote in there, so I sent edit version to inquiry.

But week lator, I didn't received any private message from inquiry.

Once again, I am sorry for Spamming in Gallery Post.
I can find 214 of gallery post and if I see my spam, I want to edit it.

I just want to correct my mistakes.

And If I can, I want to "Normal Member" again.

Please post your opinion in my "Nobody Like "neowing""
And Please Moderators, I want to see your reply.
I know that you have a busy schedule because You have to attand school or Businesses.
I want to talk.

From "neowing"
Muted Member.


  • Jan 30, 2005



I'm all washed up. . .


Try again. Although the moderators are busy attending to the thumbnail problem, keep trying. They will eventually come through.

You can't spam in the galleries. One reply every once in a while after you receive comments is enough. If you reply too frequently in the galleries, the moderators will consider that spamming. Also, frequent replies contributes to popular threads and popular gallery items. If you are to return to being a normal member, send an inquiry to the moderators (on the menu, select moderators/members ...) saying that you are sorry for spamming and you won't do it again. It's a better idea to reply to different gallery items instead of your own for your own benefit. Click this link: Support Inquiry.

If this solves your problem, let me know. :)

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  • Jan 30, 2005


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Hm... you've got a strong point. I've been looking over:

And I can sense you aren't one of those repeat spammers, but because your post count seems so high that you haven't contributed much in the process in return, many would consider you to be one of those leechers, which you can try and plead your case over and over again if necessary. It's hard to even convince me that you aren't one of those people who solely leech off on purpose and post only to reach to Level 10 so that you access all the scans as your main objective, but I see your point.

Good luck in solving your problem.


I just noticed you posted this up:

Quote by neowingI like doujishi.
I wish I could download it now.

I want to level up to high.

Not a smart move, you asked for the warning. That would be a sign of what a leecher might say, really. So you've hurt yourself in the long run.

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I'm all washed up. . .


As long as you continue to say that you want to level up high, the moderators are going to continue to restrict your growth process; therefore, your status is mute. As you said, muted members cannot post in threads and gallery items. They can only create threads, and possibly they could be duplicate threads. The moderators considered that you wanted to grow too quickly by replying only to gallery items. If your status is removed, reply to both gallery items and forum threads; thus, you can prevent this from happening again.

Later :)

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  • Jan 30, 2005


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Stop airing your dirty laundry in public. If you had a problem with you being muted, contact a moderator. Don't create 4 threads about it.

And then you complain about not knowing what spam was. All users of MT agree to the policy, which means you should have looked up what spam was before you registered, if you didn't understand it. It's not our problem that you didn't read the policy clearly.

If you had simply contacted a moderator, this might have been taken care of. However, you obviously like making a public spectacle instead.

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