Any funny jokes?!

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I'm currently looking for a good laugh, havn't had one for a while. Any of you have jokes?? Plz post them here ><

Btw......anyone heard of the genie and the 3 ppl in the desert joke XD???

  • Feb 01, 2005

Well i know some funny quotes:
'No more blood waist' (the tampax)
'You will pay for this' (a money-lender)
'My mother is a bitch' (Pluto)
There's more, but i don't remember right now

I will like to know your joke about the ppl and the genie in the desert!!! sounds fun

  • Feb 01, 2005


So there's 3 guys trapped in a desert, 1 guy is american, 1 guy is french and the other guy is chinese.

They found this lamp on the floor. When they rub it, a genie came out and gave them 3 wishes each.

The american guy wished first, he wished to have lots of money, lots of girls, and to go home.

Then the french guy wished next, he wished to have a bottle of red wine, a nice car, and to go home.

Last making the wish was the cjhinese guy. He wished for 1 dish of fried rice, a bottle of beer, and........

bring the other 2 guys back T . T"""

When the other 2 guys got bak, they were really really mad. Anyways, 3 of them kept wwalking across the desert.

Not far from where the first lamp was, another genie lamp was found!!! The genie in this lamp is the first lamp's smaller brother. Since he's the smaller brother, he can only give each of them 2 wishes.

This time, the american and the french let the chinese guy wish first. Since the last time he wished them both back.

The chinese guy started making his wish, he wished for another bottle of beer and......

he said "I have no more wishes, you can leave now"

hehe......i found that joke funny. it's funnier when somebody tells you in person =).......hope u find it funny

  • Feb 01, 2005

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