A thread for your MT friends

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Well guys here goes another one of my threads. In this one you can just go and write about your friends. So I'll start first....

kolla-kake - so sweet and gives a lot of huges
semanga - such a sweety^_^
Kane - finally added me to his friendslist^_^
Celessa - always states her oppions that's what makes her awesome!
melmachine18 - is totally awesome
Paolo - has no real friends... Na just kiding with you I'll always be your friend
Drak - likes Naturo and so sweet
Vetus - took my side on the vs. thread
kawaii-chicken - probably comes form Las Vegas like miraku-spike, but is a sweet person
Adrima - is kind and sweet
pegassus - is a talented friend of mine
--Azmaria-- - is always happy and hyper
k3r7j10 - is a nice and kind friend
SharinganKnight - is awesome guy
khatuido - I still have no submitions, but he still is my friend^_^
nkdksk - is funny in his own way^ ^
ocelotisun - likes the same era as me which is awesome!
JyeBlad1 - makes wierd threads, but that's O.K.^__^
joycev - is a girl and is fun to argu with^ ^
miraku-spike - is a awesome guy and is a best bud
comprogrammer - is so freaken cool!
Raiynagh - has a sweet side^__^
Inoyaro - is funny and a bit strange
Firedemon - I have something in commen with and she knows what that is^__^
UnknownFact - Very cool^_^
ducthforce - I agree with him a lot
Visis - is a bit shy, but none the less a friend^_^
Kally2 - is one of my new friends^ ^
chuluke - is another one of my new friends and is cool
AngelKate - writes good poems I envy her for that
Moonstaru - is my one of my newist friend yet!^__^ Next to...
Larghaz - funny and fun

And there you go! Some of my friends. I'm sorry if I let someone out. It's just that I don't know you that well so I don't want to offend you that's all. So go ahead and post something about your friends!!!

  • Mar 23, 2005



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Chopstickz- I just met you but you're funny! I can't believe those girls don't like you! It's ok....I love you lolz!!
nekohana - the most awesomest drawler in deh world!! She is a miracle worker with color pencils!!!
junifer - the clueless anime boy. good luck in 10th grade buddeh
kai81220 - always makes really cool threads!
cygnus - my partner in bishounen crime!!
Alisha - so nice and very observant!
shake-zula - I've known her since 6th grade! Awesome person and always keeps me from doing stupid stuff.
Malignus - my br buddy!!
inochikyo- an awesome poet and great friend!
ShiNN84 - The sweetest guy on MT! He has the best personality and he makes awesome perfect wallies!! I luff you ShiNN-kun!
lunaregina - makes some of the best vectors I've ever seen. I'm so fortunate to have been able to make a wallie out of one of your vectors!
Midori-chan - The first person I met on MT. always so nice and never misses a chance to comment^^.

...i would like to get to know the rest of you better, so that I can add descriptions of you all too^^

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I'm in the correct mood to post this... so here I go.

Asahi: Seems to be a cool person. Makes neato walls too.
KorganoS: Great waller and cool person.
Walkure245: One of my best friends, and likes Gundam SEED too. 8P
Frosty: One c00l d00d and Yu-Gi-Oh! fan.
shyxsakura: My princess! XD Very fun person to talk to.
einna: Kind person, also helpful.
Kitten: Very kind person.
MyrrhLynn: She talks to me often, so she's cool in my book.
meteorcloud: My evil twin brother. XP
chibi-lizard: My taicho and fellow SEED fan.
Tatsuya: Dunno him much, but he seems cool...
YoukoxLover: Really fun person to talk to. 8D
chisana: Don't know her well yet... but if she's able to talk to me, she's cool.
Barbara: Very nice person.
stellar: Another good friend.
Nakayori: Lil Naka... one of my best friends. Who keeps calling me gramps now. < <;
raxis: Seems to be a cool guy. Don't know him well tho...
cerena: Very kind person.
woundeds0ul: Lost contact with her... but last I check, she was fun to talk to.
white-zero: Awesome abstracter.
Ayamael: Seems to be talkative person... she's nice too.
broken-dreamz: Extremely hyper girl. Can lighten your day with a single post.
gundam: Gundam rarely talks to me, but he seems cool.
Criox: Haven't known him long... but so far he's cool too. < <;
Iyasis: Has Chikage for an avy, meaning she's awesome. lol jk But judging from our recent chats... she's cool.
Pikapika: Lost contact with her... but she was a very kind and fun person to talk to.
Asuran: One hyper Goddess of Death. 8P
KiraxStrike: My best friend in real life...

Anyway... if I forgot someone... tell me... < <;

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Thanks for what you wrote about me. Here I go with some of my friends (sorry to all those that I didn't mention, the reply would took me forever to post :D ):

Jackyl - can be annoying at times, but he's a guy you can always count on
HydeJ - always thinks about others. She's the type of girl you can always talk to
Frankie-kun - he's always joking!
ZeroMartin - a little dissociate, but over all a great guy
Keltosh - even though he may not seem like it, he's a helpful guy
DarkMaiden - she never forgets about her friends
Chloe-chan - a very talented drawer (she specializes in 'Naruto' :) )
Melmachine18 - loves to make threads
Ayamael - extremly nice girl
Alpha - he's got one of the best galleries in the whole MT (at least that's my opinion)
Emi - friendly girl, who you can always talk to
Rythem - another very talented drawer
Glassheart - seems to be a little shy, but also a very sweet girl
Heavens-Dragon - a really good friend
Knightof Lain - a big 'pen&paper' RPG fan
Charaznableumurorei (sorry if I didn't spelt that right) - also a big 'pen&paper' RPG fan
MadWiz - a type of person you can always have a nice conversation with
Kawaiixlilxblu - a talented writer
And last, but not least:
Alisha - one of the nicest girls I know.

Well, I didn't put a lot of my friends here, mostly because I don't know them as much as I would like to.
I'm very happy that I found so many great friends on MT and wish the all the best.

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My two new toggle friends^-^
Alisha- wonderful friend with a kind heart
Holt- polite friend who draws cute characters

i recommend everyone and newbies to add them to your toggle friend list because they are really great people who will never make you feel lonely.

  • Mar 25, 2005

Quote by chulukeMy two new toggle friends^-^Alisha- wonderful friend with a kind heart
Holt- polite friend who draws cute characters
i recommend everyone and newbies to add them to your toggle friend list because they are really great people who will never make you feel lonely.

That's so sweet of you chuluke!^__^

  • Mar 25, 2005



~Rurouni Kenshin~


Well, my friends are......

Alisha: an awsome chic to talk to/ very sweet/ funny also
kawaii-chicken: another fun person too, but don't get on her bad side!!!
Maglaucher615: cool dude
Mew: she's a very nice person
melmachine18: he's cool to chat with
Addicted2Anime: has sweet wallies just like the others
biriwilg: he's nice dude
zidox: also nice dude
Archspectre: his wallpapers rocks!
Celessa: she is very sweet and awsome

there's others too that are nice/ cool to talk to, but thier are many more to list........ sorry friends if I didn't mention you in my list. Your still cool.

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  • Mar 25, 2005

Ummmm.... let me think.....
TWI2TED-Kinda weird and the keebler elves said to tell him to leave there cookies alone.
RainHybrid-Also kinda weird and also the keebler elves said to tell him that he needs to hurt eric.


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Quote by miraku-spikeCelessa: she is very sweet and awsome

Aww! Thanks! **Huggles back** Cookies for you, hehe! ^_^

Quote by miraku-spikebiriwilg: he's nice dude

biriwilg's a guy? O_o

**Checks again** lol - I was scared for a moment. **Snickers** But to tell you the truth, she's the nicest mod. I've ever come across to here on MT. Haha.

Alisha: The new hot chic on the block. Oh yeah! And I was referring to hot as in a crazy forum poster. lol @_@ - She's taking my position already. Isn't MT so addictive? lol

I'll come up with a supreme long post later. @_@

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Quote by Celessa
Alisha: The new hot chic on the block. Oh yeah! And I was referring to hot as in a crazy forum poster. lol @_@ - She's taking my position already. Isn't MT so addictive? lol

Yeah it quite is!*laughs*

Quote by CelessaI'll come up with a supreme long post later. @_@

I can only imagin your list Celessa!

  • Mar 25, 2005



Silent Thunder


Ok here it goes:
Alisha: wanna be my friend?

Expect:HI!! I'm glad you're my friend. see ya around!

chibi-lizard:Thanks for sharing that Kagome image. I really liked it...

pegassuss: Gracias por estar ahi...thanks for everything...Very talented!!

amuro0079: Espero que las cosas alla en Honduras esten bien...Hope to see you in "[Hispanime]" a lot!!!Wanna see posts of yours!!

blueotaku-sp: He's always there when it's about "[Hispanime]". Thanks a lot!!

kuclo: he's the real otaku, if you wanna ask someone about any series out there, he's the one...Sigue asi!!

Noe: good subs, not knowing him a lot...little help over there...hope to see more Noe's posts!

dead: QUE compa!!!viva costa RICA!!!It really was a relief to se a Costa Rican brother over here...on mt...:d :d :d :) No olvide apoyar a la SELE hoy!!!CR 3 - PAN 0!!

irix: amiga!!thanks for sharing, your walls are really COOL!!!nos vemos en "[Hispanime]"!!

Alpha: WOW, awesome submissions...leeched THEM almost ALL (ON A specific "alpha submissions" folder ON "MY PICTURES")...can't wait to see

Celessa: hey, got lots of things to say. Thanks for adding me to your FL. Thanks for taking your time, all those PM's, writing on my thread, letting me to know you a little bit. I wish you the best on the DDR contest, on your studies, and on your dancing... I hope we'll become better friends... cheers!!

knightstar3: I liked his wall subs. Wish him the best on his wall work!!

SealedSorrow: he's from Australia: what's up man?? good luck on leveling up...

exentric: Like your subs, specially the "Yami to Boushi hon No Tabito" hope we will know eachother better...

Miroku4444: helped me out with lots of things!!!thank you..

levitan the first person who added me to his fl...:) thanks a lot pal!!!

WearyWanderer: not in my list, but friendly indeed. :D

And i'm waiting for Nani, Minamo, Daemonarch, halcyonTwilight, KittyCyn and Zuri-chan to add me to their FL!!!Wanna know you better, people!!

Well, I wish you all the best of the best!!!!
see ya!




gentil sisi!!


So i will answer vut not for all people beacause i don't know say somethings for everybody.

Mickeylajoie - a real friend !
masseuro - still a friend, i know in my life.
lanxx - i appreciate him.
sgof - a newist group member of french-tribu, so i will see...
moonstaru - so nice for wish happy Easter at all her friend ;)
malenits - I love more an more her wall, she is so nice too.
luckywhale - my last newist friend but he is cool.
Morphee - I don't know very much but she is sympatic.
Ifu - I appreciate her.
Alisha - she is so nice, i like very much
FALH - a french-tribu group member, that i appreciate.
Dray - i love she is so funny.
Chloe-chan - i like much and she drawing very well.
anji - I like very much, i appreciate her idea.
Nona - i like, she is nice.
LucyMizuno - she is a friend that i appreciate very much.
kawai - he is very cool.
Spriggan - I like very much his humour. he is very sympatic.
semanga - she is seductive and so nice.

I am sorry for the other friend but it's not because i don't like them but it's because i don't know say something.



The Lost Wanderer


hm... don't really know too many people on MT very well so...
chibi-lizard/ very nice and helpful person, amazing waller ^_^
mordin/really thinks about things through, fun to talk to and a gamefan...but broke...like me ^_^'
Celessa/ very smart and kind person, helpful, and a very interesting person to talk too, keeps up with all the latest Jpop facts too ^_^

  • Mar 27, 2005

nkdksk - is funny in his own way

thank you i think is a goond thing i think many people think so






Chopstickz-A cutexy and funny pimp lol *hugs* btw I'm his sex Kitten lol * kisses chops*
Mordin- You crazy ass pervert, I'm surprised no one has knocked you out yet^^'
DREAM-Well he was my master but he's been neglecting me so now accepting applictions for a new master^^ He's stil cool though and sweet^^ Damn alchy
StarFire-Parnter in Crime (inside joke) She's also very sweet^^
StarCentury- Never realized you were so old -__- and you're beginning to be the nexy Mel >< lol *hugs*
DarkSavior- Well my smoker haven't talk to you in awhile but we're still cool
DarkCrimson- My sweety^^ She's one of the sweetest people I've met *ugs tight and kisses cheek* I love talking to her^^
Angel-On-Dragon- Another sweety that I love chatting with ^^ *hugs*
Keough- Never really talk to him on MT but I do talk to him sometimes on aim and he's pretty cool ^^ Go doujinshi!!!
AetherDragon- he's cool even though I havent talk to him in forever^^
Celessa Even though she never writes me back in my gb, I think she's scared to be seen talking to me ><
Trever My lost friend T__T idk where she went
darkwaterbunny- such a cuty and she's super sweet love talking to u on aim ^^
Xandman X__X must of died lol
Cleo-chan- havent talk to you in forever but I'll pay you a visit in your gb someday lol
Melmachine18 Just kidding >< lol bye bye Mel ^^

I'm sure there are more and I'm sorry if I forgot you but oh well^^ *hugs*

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*sniffles* alisha didnt mention me T_T

Quote by kaolla-kakeChopstickz- I just met you but you're funny! I can't believe those
girls don't like you! It's ok....I love you lolz!!

haha we've barely even met and you rushig things already XD haha at least im loved so cant complain about that ^_~

now for a list....lol this is going to be long ><
im starting in no particular order btw..and dont get angry or something if i didnt mention you...i probably just dont know you too well yet XD oh well we can solve that later ^_~

Chibi-lizzie- CPR buddy XD

Kaolle-Kake- dont really know ya but im loved by you so you must be awesome XD

oxkawaiikoreanxo - don't know where you've disappeared to but you'd be fun to hang out with on a island XD

joycev- special love buddy of mine ^_~

DarkMaiden1369- My sex-kitten XD great to chat with and her bluntness is soo cool XD

SamuraiHaruko- crawzi wacko girl that keeps trying to kill me >_<

narutofan92- cool kid with cool threads ^^

ayamael - awesome and peaceful girl for vowing to never hurt me ^_^

starkitty- nice lil girl thats full of love

alisha- strong girl thats very protective of her friends

hongxiaoer- a great waller that is should get more favs

OracleAngel- another greatly skilled waller

candy-chan - *eats candy* hehe shes the cool striker thats not afraid to share her feelings

wuschel- awesome waller thats really a pervie XP

mordin- crawzi old perv geezer...haha everyone has to have a friend like that

Cy- super friendly and a weirdo XP

dMpeepee XD - cool irc buddy thats been busy lately

jackalx66 aka jackie chan - hehe hes another perv and crazi irc spammer thats cool XD

winterlilac09- young lil crazy psycho..oh wait im supposed to say nice things XD

saki- my evil lil sista XD *throws you a bucket of strawberries* dont hurt me please ^_^'

kitten- shes really nice and friendly and her walls are alright too

Bucky - haven't talked you as much lately but your still super cool XD

Bellie button San- haha the crazi and wonderful sex goddess XD

Euna - my angelic sister with a super hidden horrible temper XP

StarCen- super hero game master ^_~

Wunangelwhoney - super cute girl thats disappeared from mt

Sueitenshi- fellow captain of the kickass crew and the guardian angel

Xanders- Leader of the kickass crew whose a huge perv and game addict xp

mc- my adventure buddy that been too lazy to continue you...that bum XP

afan- lil goober that ran away from mt but he had the best groups

Brom- one of the best grunge artist in my book

Shadowdude- awesome waller thats the prince of grunge

Frozenwilderness- hard-working student thats too hard on herself but its sooo fun trying to get her relaxed ^_~

Tirdaelyn- bad bad woman that smoked...ewww lol jk..shes a cool poster and maybe be a great artist soon

skillzpay - great waller thats been too lazy to do so like me XD

kriss- the kickass girl with awesome posts

amarnth- my super cute posting buddy ^_^

onewingtenshi - made a super cool game thread and has the coolest posts

lady-lotus- awesome thread maker and super sweet girl

Zanza- the girl freak with the best taste XD

Miyano - cool girl to chat with thats too busy sometimes

taffystar - another great girl to chat with that has disappeared from mt also >_>

Osi - the super 1337 perv pantsu mod thats cool just cuz hes viet XD

Cel- save ya for last XD she has the longest and most thought provoking posts and a great girl to chat with that loves to ramble on about j-pop because shes sooo sillly and crazi like that but get her in a pool game and she'll wipe the floor with ya ^_~

*phew* thats all for now....if i left ya out feel free to say so and ill add ya on ^_^


  • Mar 29, 2005

Starfire: - My kawaii sista, she's a blast to talk to with her random babbling! Stop calling me girly, speedy!

DarkMaiden1369: - Awesome little rock n roller, love when she's blunt and not afraid to speak her mind! She thinks I suck now, I'm so honored! (*hugs and kisses*) Wait, she's Choppy's sex kitten now?

ded113: - Deddy's really funny! "U put the lime in the coke, U nut...", O man, she reallie knows how to party!

ocelotisun: - She's very sweet and loves to make some kick-ass wallpapers!

Chopstickz: - Didn't really chat with him much, mebbie I forgot his screen name on AIM! O well, he's still a cool guy!

Yunie888: - My Japanese girlfriend! She's such a hottie, and U wouldn't believe her unique personality, which is mad attractive! Wassup, baby!

shyxsakura: - Uber-sweet, and write so kawaii! I wonder if saki is reallie chiyo-chan in disguise? Hmmmm...

shinta: - My favorite meeper! Her walls are spectacular and really fun to chat with her and deddy!

Shadowdude: - The self-proclaimed Grunge Prince! He keeps hitting me and ran me over a bunch of times, but at times he's cool to chat with! Damn schitzo!

chisana: - One of the sweetest members I've met, she gave me a e-bunny on Easter, looks so kyoote! Thank U! (*hugs*)

peachiemint: - My cool niece, so to speak! She keeps calling me "Uncle Star Hot Sauce" for sum reason! Hey!

CyanideBlizzard: - Very cool guy who always takes the time to help me with stuff! Plus, his posts are like long speeches! @_@

meteorcloud: - Keeps bugging me to get IRC! Well, I did now! Thanx for the motivation, MC!

PureTypeDZanza: - My buddy who like WWE almost as much as me! Also, his reactions are priceless!

BTW, the people I haven't mentioned are still my friends! Hugs for everyone, excepy Choppy! He gets a sucker punch instead! XP



Kaz ?


StarCentury: ah my ecchi brotha and my best friend too~! hes also the first person in MT to talk to me in AIM. hes so kool and funnie and supa nice too ^_~
Frosty: nutty!! *hugs* so fun to bother and the worst speller eva~! XD *runs*
Zanza: the biggest kasumi freak XD put ur pic up already, lazy!!
HalyconTwilight: the busy busy dude @_@ talked in a few times at AIM, but still talk in each otha's gb ^_^
Cy: the supa sweet and handsome guy ^_~ though, i think hes too busy to talk to me...@_@
Euna: my first friend here in MT ^^ shes veri nice and funnie, hehe =^^=
Bucky: so kool she is and has a good sense of humor ^^
DarkMaiden: lol, partner in crime? XD a veri nice girl and kool too ^^
Kev: havent talk much, but a veri funnie guy. guess hes way too busy with stuff to talk >_<
Xanders: too busy playing RO and flirting >_>
KorganoS: hehe, the first person to post in my gb ^^ a veri nice guy, yup yup.
MC: wosh, my funnie lil bro ^^
Iyasis: also a veri nice girl. hope to talk through msn, if i will d/l soon, lol
Shueitenshi: my sig maker~! XD
Shadow: havent talked much, but hes funnie. uses guitar as a weapon XD
Saki: one word: cute ^^'
Chisana: shes so sweet and a Naruto fan, yay~!
Peachiemint: a veri sweet girl as well and veri funnie XD
Cel: changes her avvie alot, lol XD
HeavensDragon: yay, also an Asuka fan! ^_^

umm, i think thats it ^^' i know sum r not on, but its not intentional or i just dunno wat to say, gomen ^^'



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here's .. saki's ... list .. >.> dunt run away .. ;____;

biriwilg: she's saki's adorablleee growing birdiiee .. *-*

Cloudnine: >.< she's saki's bestestsetest niichan ever .. ;__; if only he would come baq ..

DaveTheInsane: .. xD saki's first perviiee!! *-*

Osiris: *GETS BRIBED BY OSI* .. >.> saki's sexaayy pappaa bear!! ^-^ saki wubs wubss his walls~ plusplus he's fun to make fun of ..

exentric: saki's innocent kawaii niichan ... *-*

Yumi-Chan: .. ^0^ we're the boobless sissiiess~<3 *-* yumii ish one of saki's
closesesestst fwend .. xD

Celessa: saki's strawberrii covered mommiee!! saki wubs wuubss celessiiee~<3 *-* she's soo smart and mature .. ;___; saki hopes to be mature and smart one day too! xD

pinkdoremi: another one of saki's closesetsetst fwends on mt .. ^.~ her wallies are theee bestestesteset eveerr .. she's .. >.< saki's mean singing teacher .. *-*

Devilet: o.o;; saki .. WUBS deviiee .. ^.~ and her hubster!! <3 she's soo nice to saki .. ;___; saki almost feels bad for biting her .. xD

eunasahng: ne nee~ eunaa ish saki's unnii + closeseseset fwendd~<3 we talk to each other 24/7 .. xD saki wubs wubs wuubbss her~

Athrun: ... athrun ish saki's knight! xD and saki's his pwincess!! *-* so bow down before saki .. :3

StarCentury: starriee ish soo nice to saki .. ;____; and all saki does ish bite and kick him .. xD *BITES STARRIIEE*

WunAngelwHoney: ANG + SAKI + YOUKO = BESETSTSETESTET FWENDS EVER~<3 ^-^ we've been through everything together .. ;___; we the three pwincesses~<3 saki misses yuu .. *-*

YoukoxLover: KAGOME unni ish the best in the west .. xD saki wubs wubs her soo mucchhh .. ^-^ pluspluspluuuss~ we're the korean sissies! ^-^

h2dz: saki's old and used knight .. xD ROFLZ .. .... he's old and retired .. xD he's now ang's personal knight! *-*

initial drifter: one of saki's bestest guy fwends online .. <3 yuu!

stardusted: saki's first and cooolestset sissiiee ever .. ;___; butbut she stopped coming .. >.>

meteorcloud: saki's kawaii twiniiee .. ^.~
sword: ishnt a coward .. XD XD
bromithia: saki's talent grunge king! ^o^ yu the bommbb~<3
Piyo: she's sooo fun to talk tooooo~<3
cy: saki ish his owner ... *-* he's in saki's plastic baggiiee~

Chopstickz: saki's pervviiee chopsticks~ saki uses him when saki eats ramen .. xD

Nakayori: saki's kawaaaaiii fwend~<3

min-woo: saki's hawthawthawthawt korean oppa~ he's one of saki's bestest offline fwend and beats up saki's pervs~<3

o.o;; saki too lazy to write anymore ... andand saki's head hurts from thinking too much .. ;_____; .. xD





crazy chart ^^;;;...just read top down....
Very very friendly kind people
sukie, eunasahng, meteorcloud, Aa-chan, winterlilac09, ManOnFire, Anjeile
LucyXlostangelwings, OneWingTenshi, Mordin, diamarrr, KiYa
Wheee we can speak the same second or thrid or whatever ^^;;; language
Athrun, taffystar, CTEon
Luv wallies from
DarkParagon, Sandy, chibi-lizard, Tatsuya, CyanideBlizzard
One of my first few friends
Chopstickz_forum buddie ,phl_always the one with words of kindness for wallies or piccies, miyano so kind and fun^^, serendipity_ my sis, Celessa_words of wisdom ^^



.: Lonely Chicky:.


Quote by AthurnTatsuya: Dunno him much, but he seems cool...

:nerd: I not only seen cool, i'm really cool (joke) :D

Quote by AmaranthLuv wallies from DarkParagon, Sandy, chibi-lizard, Tatsuya, CyanideBlizzard

thkz! glad you like my crappy/simple wall! ^^

alright, i'm not real good at explaining things, please forgive ^^'
i just think my friend on Minitokyo are ok! enough ?


ps : excuse my poor english


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Okaerinasai - Welcome Home


Time to type perhaps one of the longest official legal posts, here on MT.

lol Chopz - I thought you'd forget about me. X_x

Saving the best for last, eh? Wouldn't that be for Ama. **Snickers** Hey Ama! **Waves** Long time no see!

Alright, let's get down to business! ^_^

lol @ Starfire for ava. changes - that is so not me. Gah X_x

And of course, last but not least, saki! I'm your mommy now? ^.^ Oh dear, oh my. O_o

Quote by UnknownFactCelessa: hey, got lots of things to say. Thanks for adding me to your
FL. Thanks for taking your time, all those PM's, writing on my thread,
letting me to know you a little bit. I wish you the best on the DDR
contest, on your studies, and on your dancing... I hope we'll become
better friends... cheers!!

lol - Sorry if this was about 4 days late, but I got my actual records up now - 35 000 + people actually joined the world competition this coming year - its crazy. lol


Let's do this!

If I forget somebody - don't blame me though - I'm sure you are out there somewhere - there's just way too many to count since my long awaited stay. lol - To those who've been kind to me - I should return the favor. ^_^ In no particular order, of course:

KorganoS - His walls are awesome, and he has one kick-butt attitude. Korgie rocks indeed! ^_^ lol - I haven't seen much of him lately, though. **Nods**

DianKibou - Dian! **High fives** The person with inflatables lover! I could never forget about you and we had a lot of fun back then! Your scans are always spectacular and you are surprisingly one of the friendly people I've ever met behind-the-scenes. I can't remember the last time we had a fun chat in the guestbooks. Fun fun fun! lol

OracleAngel - My fellow Canadian friend and Grunge King extraordinaire! lol - I checked his gallery once for the heck of it - and its awesome nonetheless. You rule!

Saki! - Also known as shyxsakura, who bites me all the time with her teeth, but its gone crumbly as of late. *_* Soz there, sister. **Whimpers** With her and broken-dreamz around - crazy! lol - They definitely reminded me a lot about those mad troublesome twins, except it was in a good way, and they both were tough to handle, and double the trouble! lol - But no one can resist her. She's just so kawaii! I love ya, saki! **Huggles** Saki is soft and sweet, yes she is! ^.^

DarkParagon - Another walling member I respect, and of course, a fellow Canadian as well with an attitude. **Nods** Been a while, indeed.

jackalx66 - I hear he is always on IRC nowadays. He used to come around and greet a lot of people, which I have adapted in doing ever since he stopped showing up on MT. He was quite a great regular, he made my first sig. which then I decided to make my own - lol, and was one of the first few people to ever greet me - a highly respectable member back then, nonetheless. **Bows** Now its my turn to carry the torch, and to greet all the other newbies. It's been a long story. **Nods** Good memories, and good times - I can still remember. Hehe.

Toonleap - Although I hardly associate with him, he's been sending a lot of great submissions and we did have a short chat at once, when he decided to open up his own site for his own walls, and its been pretty decent ever since. Unlike many other regular members out there, he's one of the very few wallers I know who truly has the passion and love to wall just for fun and for the heck of it, and not for merely gaining levels. He's been a great guy indeed. **Nods** I missed his submissions back then, but he's a great guy nonetheless.

Bucket-shot - Bucky!! z'omg - where have you been? Oh well - I have to obvious say - she's one of the craziest and funniest members I have been around with and she even taught me the secret arts of the minesweeper technique. **Ties a ribbon around her neck and does a graceful stance** This young grasshopper knows lots now - master Bucky! LOL - I missed her lots. Guess people get busy quite too often, nowadays.

Devilet - Teddy! **Hands her a stuffed teddy bear** Devi is one tough cookie! lol - She's one of the girls I truly admire, because her walls really rocked! Yaya! I love Devi - she's so cool, and she's so cute to boot! Weee! Nice to see you around there, sister! **Bows**

Belmikry! - Belly! **Tackles and huggles her** My other sweet sister! And my arch-rival in the craziness game - she could easily beat me in mere moments if she wanted too - she's just too good at it, that I'd be owned in seconds. lol - She's just that great! ^_^ - Fun personality, and cute to boot! Bel-San is just amazing! Wo0t! You rock, girl! **High fives**

calisqo - My J-Pop buddy whos always brimming full of knowledge about those artists every single time. lol - He evern owns all the CDs for Do As Infinity! Oh, yeah - pal, you're asking for it! lol - Just kidding. Calisqo and I go a long way - and he's really a great guy to talk to. I wonder why not many refer to him though - he's pretty cool to boot. ^_^

Rebel-Soul-Kaze - He's just way too kind. Hahahaha - I love it! I even hear he acts quite young for someone his age - Guess its good to feel a few years younger, doesn't it? ROFL - One of those 19 or 20 year olds who acts like they are 15. Still - Rebel is one cool pro. at walling and his personality is absolutely glitter and shine! Rebel is my favorite in a bottle - always filled with unsurpassable talent and one of the best friends to be around with for all time! Rebel rules!

That Blue Eues White Dragon, Kaiba wall was where it all began... good times, my friend. **Laughs and smiles** Good times, indeed. You are truly the best - I really mean it.

Einna - She's been hiding a bit under the shadows lately, but when she first game, she had mad talent at first sight. I believe we first met on that game in the Spam Lounge, about - oh gosh - what was that word - anagrams! **Snaps her fingers** Of course! Wo0t! Nice to have her around!

**Barely stays awake** Holy - I typed that much and I'm not even half way done yet. This is getting insane. lol

Alright, let's get on the road.

Meteorcloud - Haven't talked to him much of late, but he's pretty funny for a kid and probably one who acts close to his age, I suppose. I keep messing up the names of the country he actually lives in. It's the Netherlands, not New Zealand - ROFL - I hope I still got the name right. O_o **Runs away**

DREAM & DarkMaiden - Those two are one of a kind, if that even made sense. lol

DarkMaiden is nice because she has that awesome kick-butt attitude that seems to shed the truth into the light, though I do presume the comments given off get a little too blunt a time - but it doesn't matter, because she's rather a nice girl, nonetheless. I just haven't been around with her much lately since the incident on the thread - err, yeah - so I hid myself from posting in her guestbook - actually, I haven't bothered posting in a lot of random guestbooks towards my friends lately. I guess we all get way too busy at times. But no worries, I'm not avoiding her at all - she's just really great, anyways. **Nods** There's just too much things to do, and so little time.

Dream on the other hand - we go a long way, actually - starting from the fight with Xandman and then to his thread on what it takes to rule over the world. Good times back then, Dream. **Nods** ROFL - I haven't seen him in a while either but I presume everything is okay. He's a very nice guy if you ever get to know him - I guess he's been out of the radar for a while. lol - But he's pretty cool in my books as well. Those two - when they join together - too funny indeed. lol

Tatsuya - We've been around a couple times - and he's a cool friend indeed. lol - Enough said.

Aa-chan - Another good friend of mine and perhaps one of the biggest Tamaki Nami fans out there. Well - he did dedicate a wallpaper for her, as well as made a group about her here on MT. I used to remember when he put an avatar of hers up - got so many people confused as to if this person was really a guy or a girl. Funny indeed, lol. Good times!

Shadowdude - The guy who likes to smash people with guitars, but really - when you see through it, he's quite the guy who likes to joke around - I know he doesn't mean it. lol - Always on the shoutbox [well, used to be - lol], his greatest contender and rival to face would be none other OracleAngel, and he loves to make grunge theme walls for the heck of it. That was very nice of him to check my gallery - though I didn't need the favs. lol - Oh well - Shadowdude is Shadowdude. lol

darkwaterbunny - One thing for you, of course! ^.^ So nice!

Chopstickz - Err... where can I begin?
Probably the only guy I actually know who would beg for girls and try to win them over, though her tries to hard.
I probably slapped him on the net officially over 20 times, but for good reasons, of course. That guy likes to erm.... speak his mind out quite often. lol
I know he loves Amaranth, but that doesn't make me jealous. Wait, he does want to make me jealous of him, right? Nah! lol
I probably kicked his arse in pool too many times now. Clean-sweeped the last series 5-0. I first thought he wasn't trying, but he really was close at times. Bugger. lol - He gets too distracted.
I also hear he goes to IRC a lot. I hardly see him swear but he did that one time. **Gasps** Choppers! Tsk tsk. **Waves her finger and frowns** Eww - frowning -I hate those MSN emoticons. So ugly! lol - had to get that off my chest.
He calls me crazy from time to time, he probably convinces me that nothing goes wrong, and somehow I seem to attract him whenever we chat quite often. Not sure why though. O_o
Our biggest and fastest Forum Game poster, he posted sooo much back in the days, like almost 1/3 more than I posted officially - that guy is crazy. lol - But not anymore, since a lot of regulars left.

Hmm - those days were the good old days. I could hardly keep up with him - on the Spam Lounge playing the games 24/7 lol. Him, Tirdaelyn [almost spelt your name wrong again - sorry - lol], Amaranth and I - we were the biggest game forum posters back in the day. **Sighs** Let the good times roll, really. lol - Now I'm the only regular forum poster left... aside from the Spam Lounge nowadays. Oh well, c'est la vie!

stellar - One word! Fabulous! lol - I so love her avatar, and she's the girl with a lot of flare! You rock! **Snacks on her Pocky**

Barbara - z'omg! Barbara! **Huggles** She's been a long time friend of mine, and I love her a lot as well. ^.^ - She used to post so many kawaii pics! Until err... some sex'ah girl ended up as her top submission - but oh well, Barbara is Barbara lol, and she considered a close sis. of mine if it were depending upon real life, but I do differ from her a bit and I could call her my bigger sister - lol. Another Canadian Friend of mine [oh yeah!] and a sweet girl at it, I like to drop by and wave a warm welcome to her from time to time. Yup yup! Barbara is so cool! ^.^

Tirdaelyn - Your name is so hard to remember. lol - I keep spelling with Tira but I got the rest right. Gotta try and recall this one again some time down the future. lol - O_o With my good memory, I suppose - lol - Hey, I'm not boasting or anything, I'm just recalling the fun memories we had with each other back then - lol, we used to so bad-mouth xand back in the day. [Side comments] ROFL and she was quite a blast, especially when we had a long back-and-forth toss under my ABC Game - which was perhaps the craziest and fastest thread which gained so many posts in under a week - over a thousand, I suppose? Craziness! lol - But oh well, the posts count no more, so its back to square one. **Nods** Lost a good couple levels back to when they did that - but its all fine by me. lol - At least it was necessary indeed. Yup yup - now the Spam Lounge is a desert, lol - I guess. **Shrugs** She was a nice person to chat to, but I don't see her quite often, however. Well, whatever floats your boat, of course. ^_^

phl - I used to remember him a lot back then - especially with the bunny avatar! Well, at first when I left a couple weeks ago, he dedicated the avatar supposedly to me, like he stated before. Then after the second time, when a lot of regulars were leaving, I took about two weeks off of MT [had a short return in the middle before leaving once again] and now here I am! Wo0t! **Bows** No more leaving for a long, long time. lol - I guess I better stop making it public - lol, but my secret absence kind of didn't really draw a lot of people surprise until they went to the userpage to find out I was leaving for a while - which I did. Now its all good, and I gave everyone the convincing they needed. Of course I wasn't leaving forever though - hehe - just temporarily - and a lot of people evidently missed me around. Don't know why. O_o - lol. But yeah, I'm back! And probably going to have to look for a job. lol - Oh shoot - all that remembering from phl - good times! lol - What happened to your snow avatar? Yikes! **Snickers** Bunny!

miketo - Darn, what can I say? It's been nice meeting him, of course, and perhaps he is one of the funniest wise men I've ever met in all times. Of course, he's funny where it counts and serious when he needs to be, but he definitely had a lot of spunk back in his day! A guy with prime - an oldie who never seemed old at all. Haha! He was quite a blast! We'll miss him though, after he thought his thread was gone... **Sighs** After posting many good threads from myself, he left because of what he thought had happened - which came to quite a surprise. Tough luck, I suppose.

thegunblademaster - Gunny! Hahahaha! Oh geez - that guy is so cool! He's actually the first person to post on my guestbook ever, when I just realized it - whoa!, didn't even know - lol - and he so loves Dante - you can tell her's a big DMC fan. lol - He's a fun guy to be around with, and like me, he loves to make friends whenever a Be My Friend thread shows up. Expect him to be there - for the girls of course. lol - I wonder why so many guys want to show up on the girls threads. ROFL - Silly, silly! It's a surprise how many people check on the forum in secret, nowadays. lol - I go there publicly though. He also likes Chaos Legion - so who's to blame? I hardly chat to Gunny anymore, but I know he's still around, and I like to acknowledge him and say hello from time to time.

ryannzha - He has some nice skills, and its always a constant improvement! Van-Vector - ROFL - nice indeed! Me and Ryannzha are like idol buddies, except he did build that awesome vector of other things as well - a vector wizard, perhaps? Heck yeah! Not many realize his talents, but I certainly do - and it was a funny comment you made on one of my scans about Yui - a droolfest gone sour. LOL - Yeah, I don't post pics. like those. I'm the admin. for the Anti-Ecchi club, remember? lol - I practice what I preach when I say to my own beliefs - Say No To Ecchi! ROFL - yep yep. **Nods** It's nice to see him around, as usual. I recognize potential talent, when I see it.

Khriss - Star Ocean 2's Biggest Fan! Actually - for the whole darn Star Ocean Series! ROFL - Ole! The tomboy with attitude - is that right to say? lol

Amaranth - Compared to me, she uses quite a bit of smileys herself. I hardly ever do at all - so rare. ROFL - Okay, that was random. lol **Smacks her head in shame** Anyhou, Amaranth is another one of those sweet girls people would like to meet, but I'm pretty sure she is having lots of fun in the game threads as usual. That's how I met up with her. ^.^ - She's very kind and nice, nonetheless - Ama is a very sweet girl, indeed. Hehe. Too bad I don't see her quite often though. Probably next time, who knows - yaya!

**Stretches** Morning! Wow - what a long post I've typed up so far! I wonder how long this will go, and how long I can keep up with it. lol - Not many regs. here nowadays, but its fun fun fun, as usual! lol - Springtime! It's raining - z'omg! **Pulls out the umbrella** Ahh - I love the fresh weather, and the cool breeze. Okay... **Returns** It's time to get this on a roll.... once more! lol

**Jumps on the seat beneath the computer and suddenly tips the chair over and falls onto her bed** Whoa! What a crazy chain reaction. lol - Next time, I should be more careful. **Snickers**

DarkSaviour - Another one of those deep thinkers who seems to attract a lot of good attention with his thread of his - though not many do post under it at times. lol - He's pretty mysterious to boot, but once you get to know him, it's all good. **Thumbs up**

Shinsengumi - The all-wise and powerful! Who knew! lol - We used to chat a lot back then and we shared pretty much the same interests. He even invited me to be a part of his founded Anti-Ecchi Club, and joined as part of my founded ForceFirefox team as well - so we are co-admins in respect. I'm sure he's off doing what he normally does and I have to thank him for maintaining the groups when I get too busy at times. lol - Or just having fun. **Nods** He's gone to Japan for a little tour and he hasn't been around in a while, which I can understand about, of course - which reminds me, that I haven't been participating on a group for a bit. Silly me. lol - It's all good. He's a very intellgent guy - and his words are all brimming with knowledge too much to recall. You got to love the way he approaches his own comments. lol - with him and Mordin around, who knows what's stopping those two. **Snickers**

GintheTwilightSwords - He's pretty nice. Need I say more? lol - Haven't caught up with this person as of recent, but I'm sure it's all good. Lots and lots of busy members indeed.

PureTypeDZanza - Another one of those guys who placed a farewell for me on his sig. - if I can remember back then. lol - But goodness gracious - he's one of the biggest Kasumi fans I ever met of all times! Aside from one other person on a different forum of course. lol - It's like he owns her - wouldn't be surprised if his pillow sheets and his blanket were all Kasumi accessories. **Snickers** He'd uhhh - yeah, never mind then. lol

Mordin - Doesn't like to be called an old geezer - just kidding, just kidding. lol - He loves to add humor to his words, and he's a pretty smart guy, which I haven't angered quite yet - so I don't know how Mordin might turn out if he gets angry. Perhaps he'll turn green, and as big and hairy as the Hulk? Nah - it was an interesting movie to watch nonetheless. If I can recall from my memory pile, some guy by the name of Bruce Bannister or Banner - or whatever was the guy - ahh, what gives. lol - Anyways, he's kind of a regular who likes to read a lot of my comments, probably like a stalker and get away with it too. lol - But he's so perceptive and observant and I wouldn't be surprised if he read this one out as well and probably commented on it. lol - if not, who cares. Mordin doesn't really disappoint me that much - since he's the nice guy's last stand. lol - let's see him find one here on my super duper long post, ne? Hahahaha!

diamarrr - Errr... yeah, better not tease him and his Yuko pics. - though Yuko rocks! lol - Ohh... I did remember one time I got aggressive on him for teasing me around with one of those comments, but I slapped Yuko instead. Silly me - lol - I love Yuko! Bad diamarrr, bad! lol - Just kidding. He's pretty fun to chat to, of course - but I can't be hanging out with one person all the time when others randomly drop by to say hello. Got to share the love of friendliness. Yaya! Long comments for everybody. I know - too verbose. ROFL

YugureKaze - Also one of my nice friends I like to be around with while having a bit of a conversation. He even referred to some of my posts when creating a thread there, but I better not get too far into it though. lol - Hint - Myth comment was his latest - hint. lol - But I don't mind.

Iyasis - Another wise girl from the North - if I got it right. lol. Lovely to see you around. Yaya!

Alisha - The newbie who likes to make a difference. The newbie with a powerful punch! The newbie who makes a lot of great friends, and has a sweet and wonderful personality. A newbie who isn't a newbie. lol - Figured. Alisha is so hot and so cool at the same time! She's a girl with a lot of firepower. How we met up - errr... I have the foggiest idea though. lol - Maybe she might remember, but oh well - life is life, I suppose. lol - We just became friends all naturally here.

AngelKate - Another one of those NHL peeps who loves the Detroit Red Wings, I believe. Wow - surprisingly good recalls there. lol - We met one time when I kept noticing her on the forum, and I like the way she commented on some of the threads - she's very upbeat and has a pretty smooth personality to boot, so you can get along with her fine in a one-to-one funny and friendly chat. **Grabs the hockey stick and snaps it in half** Wahahahaha! I just pulled my so-called crazy mode? O_o - That was pretty random. lol - So unlike me. O_o

TranceAion - A pretty smart guy. For some reason, you can sense how modest and gentle he can be, and his nature seems to be always that of a friendly sort, nonetheless.. **Bows** A great guy whose comments are always quite true whenever he posts, nonetheless. lol

wahiawagirl78 - I remember you! **Waves** Yeah - I admire you so much because you surf around MT on your job - I love it! ROFL - The way she shares her stories always intrigues me, and brings a bit of happiness to my already added happy life in a sense, and she has a way with being so friendly, that I could just sit down and listen to her stories from time to time. She's a very brilliant young lady - in the hospital. Wow! @_@ Funness indeed. I can't wait for the next chat! Yaya - so busy though, I suppose. lol

And last but not least, Angel-on-Dragon, Miraku-spike. So many members.

I'll end it there. Whew! I'm sure someone will find their name on my long posts. If not, I probably spent too much time listening so many anyways, so I probably overlooked yours as well. Hey, nobody's perfect, lol - but trying to is the key here. Effort, and yayayaya - okay I'm out of here. lol - It's great to see so many happy and humble members here on MT!

"No matter where you go, no matter how tough life may be, just remember that always in your heart, you will still be loved."




~ cyNicaLDeviL ~


Quote by shyxsakuraDevilet: o.o;; saki .. WUBS deviiee .. ^.~ and her hubster!! <3 she's soo nice to saki .. ;___; saki almost feels bad for biting her .. xD

ooi ooi, tis my hubster! u__u *points to property of Devie sticker she put on him* XD XD
*nods* well of course I'm nice to Saki o__o;;; why would I be mean?

Quote by Celessa
Devilet - Teddy! **Hands her a stuffed teddy bear** Devi is one tough cookie! lol - She's one of the girls I truly admire, because her walls really rocked! Yaya! I love Devi - she's so cool, and she's so cute to boot! Weee! Nice to see you around there, sister! **Bows**

*-* teehee *huggless back* XD gosh, Celessa knows how to write, makes longest posts on MT *stares at gigantic post*

Oh yes, I have wrote something like this on my friends already, a while ago on my page (few weeks) I will have to update it though I think XD ... wahahaha, all in good time, maybe add more people even, so go check ^__^



Flying Chain Chomp


Kinda forgot Devilet, since I haven't spoken to her for like... 2-3 weeks or more... anyway, she's a very kind person... very caring too. Also funny sometimes. Makes great wallpapers to boot. Hopefully very forgiving as well... < <;;

Note that this post has nothing to do with petty feelings or emotions and is just a sign of friendship on the internet.

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