Red Orchestra 3.2 Released!

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Vertion 3.2 of the UT2k4 mod, Red Orchestra has been Released.

heres some of the change log.

****Major Changes/Additions****

- Red Orchestra now has full bot support for infantry
maps and functional bot support for all other maps. Bots
will fight, use iron sights, capture objectives, follow
orders, attack/defend specific objectives, and more.

- Added the MG42 fully modeled with a true 1200 round per
minute rate of fire.

- Added the IS2,Iosef Stalin 2, heavy tank. This tank
features heavy armor and a large 122mm cannon that is
more than a match for any tank it will encounter.

- Added a new motion blur effect when explosions happen
near you. This new "shell-shock" effect greatly enhances
the immersion of the game.

- New and vastly improved prone movement system. Greatly
improves movement while prone while fixing many of the
bugs with the prone system.

- Improved Voice Over IP support.

- New grenade damage model based on exposure. The less a
player's body is exposed to an explosion, the less damage
they will take.

- Vastly improved vehicle hit detection. Hit detection
for vehicles now uses an ultra precise per-poly
method to detect if a shot collided or not. This
New system should also greatly reduce the load
on the server's CPU as well.

- Improved internal damage modelling for vehicles including
separate damage for the engine and ammo store areas that
will do devastating damage to the tank when hit.

- Improved intra-vehicle communication with a new vehicle
voice menu and vehicle test chat system.

- Added advanced friendly fire settings. Separate settings
are now available to let server admins set different values
for artillery, grenade, and standard damage types.

- Many optimization to decrease server side CPU load.

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  • Apr 02, 2005

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