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will visit once in a while.


Project approved by the wonderful mod Osiris.


This is the place where you may request signs and avvys made for this forum only. (If you want other things please specify the dimensions..etc)
If you want your signature and avatar made...Feel free to post here and request!


I've now decided that anyone who reads this thread and are interested in making signs and avvys, are welcome to make anything for the requesters. There isnt a member's list anymore, since alot of people have disappeared and or in hiding O_o So yeah...


When making a request, you must put up what you want, for instance:
-certain text's and or quotes
-certain images (your own provision will be very helpful too)
-colours preferred
-style: techy, grundgy...something something...
These are just may tell your maker specifically

Also, images or scans provided to the sigmakers will be alot of help too.

Crediting to the Sig Maker would be most appreciated....the name may be place somewhere beneath the sign and or made within the sign with your permission.


This is a common problem when there are many requests been made.
Just to say that it is your own responsiblity to remind your maker about your request, if there is the need to be, you may harrass them XD XD

If you no longer see your request post, it is because:
1) it has been taken and is currently being processed,
2) the request has been completed.


How do I upload my avatar and signature? or I already have uploaded it but it's not appearing?

This is a common question so here are the directions:
1) For avatars: Under the "Settings" in your configuration box, go to Personal Settings, and there will be an upload avatar option. *remember not to exceed the 50x50 px rule*
2) For signatures: Under the "settings" in your configuration box, go to Browsing and Appearance, and there will be a text box and a signature upload command. Once you have uploaded your image, type this code into the textbox; [sigimg] and then "update settings".

It may take awhile for your new images to dont worry if it seems unchanged to you even though you've uploaded and clicked refresh for a thousand times.. ^_^'

@sigmakers: from now on, please post your signature and avatar on requester's page as well. (Completed requests with sig/ava images will be periodically purged) It will make the moderator's job easier in deleting accepted requests, and so that we can keep an eye on pending requests.

~(^_^~ Yune

Signature Image

  • Apr 05, 2005

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