Who's the worst filler character of all time?

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I think the title says it all, but just in case, here's a little explanation. In many anime series there's at least one character without a reason to be there, that doesn't get any development and doesn't or barely has any relation with the other characters and the storyline. Some of them are funny and therefore tolerated, but most of the time they're just filler in the cast list. Now, my question is: which one of this characters do you think should've never left the writers' notebooks? It can be any character from any anime. Go ahead and say what you think!

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I think that the monkeys of Getbackers would have to be one of the worst filler characters.

They have reason to be there and Getbackers is better off without those monkey filler episodes. They could've been funny but they weren't to me. Monkeys beating up the two most powerful characters in a certain anime anyone? Women beating them up would make much more sense.

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"Intensified Luck Catgirl Twins" from Escaflowne.

Their names are as forgettable as their roles in the series. They did nothing more than ruin Dryden's wedding and show everyone's soft sides. Theys should've given more depth into those two (the flashbacks weren't enough!). Plus how "intensified luck" fitted into the series is really odd. Could've chosen a better name, IMO.

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