the hope of tomorrow part 2

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since most of the members here wanted to know the next part of my story... here it is... enjoy

When Rachel came back from school, she told her mother everything about what happened to her today and directly after she finished, a knock came at the door. When Rachel opened it, she saw a strange, beautiful woman with blond hair and blue eyes and she couldn't believe whom she saw beside her, it was that boy who saved her from the stranger. Rachel, who was completely shocked, opened her mouth and then her mom came and asked, "Rachel who's at the...Ah, my Emilia! How are you?" they hugged each other and the strange woman said "I'm fine Lilly, how are you my friend, it has been a long time" then, Amelia along with the boy entered the house "Rachel?" her mom said, "this is my best friend Amelia and her son. You probably don't remember her because the last time she visited me is when you were only two years old" Amelia looked at Rachel and said, "So you are Rachel, you became more beautiful than last time" and she came to hug her. Now Rachel and the boy were more confused than ever. Amelia continued after she finished hugging Rachel "This is my son Nick and I hope that you two would be close friends "it's nice meeting you Mrs. Amelia" Rachel said still confused then turned to Nick and continued "nice to meet you, too" he looked at her and said; "yes it is." They looked at each other for a while and Lily asked "honey, have you both met before?" Rachel shook her head and said smiling, "No mom we didn't"

The two women went to the living room and the two teenagers went to Rachel's room to chat and to know each other more. But before Rachel entered her room, Amelia came and whispered to her "Rachel, just wanted you to know that Nick have been serious and distant boy lately, and I want you to change him, I know you can"and Rachel replied back "I'll try my best" and she went to her room ignoring what Amelia had just said. Rachel entered the room and saw Nick sitting on the bed staring at her with his cold brown eyes "what? " she said a bit annoyed "can't you see you're bleeding?" Rachel looked at her injured wrist and saw a cut the stranger left 'oh, it's coming out again, maybe when Amelia caught my wrist, it started bleeding" Rachel thought. Nick stood up and brought some tissues to clean her injured wrist, then brought a big bandage and stuck it to cover the blood "um...Thanks" Rachel said trying to stop blushing "no problem" said Nick and that's how the beginning of a good friendship started.



Love is ......


hehe, I getting more curious about the story ^^
it is getting more inreresting too ^^
can't wait for the continue of this story ^^

  • May 14, 2005


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it is so nice ur storys
i have read all
i cant wait for the next one :)
see you later and have a nice day


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yea. getting much more interesting. cant wait to read the next part. ^-^. love your story so far. you are a great writer. hope ya keep writing.

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  • May 14, 2005

hey its pretty good but where is the first part?

  • May 14, 2005



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Yes... I want more~!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)
Is a good story :) :)
I'll be waiting for more :)

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It's black...
Smile!!!! You're always welcome!!





Quote by crossfusionhey its pretty good but where is the first part?

i'm curious about the first part too... though i think it's great! even if it's just a portion of the story, you did very well!

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ei friends! how are you?
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  • May 16, 2005

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