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I know some people's opinions on other people using avatar's that are already in use, and have been in use for a long while, dont really think its a big deal. But I was told that an avatar is a way to tell other members apart, only in a unique way. And in a small way, it shows who we are on Mini Tokyo. And when other members use someone's avatar, it screws up the system for which avatar's work.

I have seen many "ripped" avatars lately, and I am one who does not agree with it. For many of the MT rules that have been concrete over and over, this is one I think that should not be left out. After all there is a thread on customizing your own avatar and signature image, why not request or even make your own instead of settle for what you have stolen? Any new members who see this, you can go here to request. And also to keep in mind if you got your avatar from the net, there is almost a deffinate chance its already in use.

I'm sorry if it seems as though I am making a big deal out of something so trivial, but when I first became a member, taking/ripping other's avatars was not allowed.

EDIT: Sorry, for those of you who saw this exact same thread done by "Rakuei" I was checking her notifs for her since she doenst have her own computer, and forgot I was on her name ^^; So it was , and is me saying all this.::



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. . . that doesn't warrant you making another thread. Closed.

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