How to wall it ?

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I want to know who can help me wall this pic ?
Though I saw many walls here, I have no idea to do it, I have no experience.
and who can tell me where can I get tutorials to teach me how to make a wall, are there some such sites exist ?

Much obliged !


Papa Noe


I do not have much idea of like making the walls,
:\ I only experiment.... :nya:
and if she leaves good or decent I raise it (you do not know whatever I have rejected :sweat: )
Good luck !!!!

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that lonely fruit in the corner


Well.. first of all, make it smaller :) I'd resize it t totally fit in a 1024 or 1280 sized wall.. You could use some of the widely found photoshop tutorials to run some filters on the picture (like sharpen and motion blur, might be good)
Then, you'd need a background picture or color. I'd make it not to disturbing, so the attention mostly goes to the character. Lightblue & pink leafs or something like that might be good..

Hope it helps a bit :)

  • Jul 13, 2004

yup... find tutorials and then make it simple at first... it's too easy to go overboard with effects... not that I've posted anything here yet, but I plan to =)

  • Jul 16, 2004

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