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Heres the rules quite simple the starting person(not me)first personwho answers this will get to say an anime the other person will rank that anime 1-10 and why they ranked it that number.if that person does not know that anime just say pass and name an anime.While the next person who answers will try to answer the first anime then if he/she wants to that person can do so.

I am sowwy if it is a little cofusing but have a question just ask.


But just in case you don't get it I'll give you an example:


PersonA say dragon half
Person B says Pass and says inuyasha
PersonC Ranks it a 10 and says it was very good(just need to say sometin simple)and is he/she wants to answer the first anime (DAGON HALF) he or she may if that person wants to.^.^

Now lets begin.

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