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[Possible SPOILERS...]

I recently came accross a quick blurb concerning the character of Ayame, the Vice-Commander from SAKURA WARS, and basically, it quickly mentioned without much explanation that she dies, which ultimately makes the way for her younger sister Kaede's introduction as the new Vice-Commander.

I recognize Kaede from SAKURA WARS 4: The Game (that I've played, if briefly, so far) and from SUMIRE's recent OVA, but I was unaware that she had taken the place of her sister in that role due to her death.

Can anyone expound (or point me in the right direction) as to what happened to Ayame? Further, can you tell me where (and if) I can find the material where it happens?

Thanks a ton.

  • Jul 14, 2005



Resident Lolicon


I didn't play the first game, but I did read that Ayame betrays the main characters and joins Satan Aoi. I forget what happens, but she ends up doing while with him (perhaps the main characters kill her?)

She does come back at the end as Archangel Micheal (I think) and offers Satan Aoi a place in heaven, which he refuses, and he is sent to hell and she goes up to heaven. I'll try to find where I found that out.


In the case that anyone was interested in getting the answer regarding Ayame's fate (as I was in asking about it after hearing a disturbing "blurb" on the net)I'm now able to shed some light on the matter having completed the game in which Ayame's story is told...

I'll post it here given that she's a prominent Anime character in SAKURA WARS, and this is where the original inquiry was asked.

[Sakura Taisen - Ayame Spoilers]

It is indeed the first Sakura Taisen Game in which Ayame does in fact die. But there's much more than that going on, which was a big relief.

Towards the end of the game, Ayame begins to feel strange, and 'not herself' as she assists the Flower Division in defeating Satan Aoi's minions. It's a feeling she fights in several scenes, and at the point that it's affecting her physically. Unable to put sentences together, shaking in pain, and questioning what's happening -- she's ultimately overcome by Satan Aoi's 'manipulations' and becomes a powerful Dark Angel in his army after her 'awakening.' Obviously she's more than she seems. There she insists on multiple occassions that 'Ayame has died and gone' and that a this is her true form.

Ultimately, she faces Oogami and Sakura towards the end of the game and when she is defeated she asks that Oogami kill her, but when he can't do it, she questions why...and whether she might have once been that kind of person? When Satan Aoi shows up to finish off what remains of the Flower Division, and sends a powerful blast at Oogami -- Ayame, as the Dark Angel, jumps in front of him and takes the brunt of the blast, it seemingly finishing her.

Shortly after, as the game progresses, she rises a completely different entity, shakes off whatever shackles Satan had on her, and confronts Satan. As it turns out (and as zoku mentioned) she is actually Michael the Archangel (apparently, a female variation on the biblical Michael -- the name itself having a twist reminiscent of female versions of the name in some languages, I believe). She gives the Flower Division her blessing and asks them to battle Satan (THE Satan) with that blessing. At his apparent defeat (again, his hopeful defeat depending on whether you accomplish it, in game) having truly 'awoken' to who she really is, she tries to convince Satan to return to heaven, and to the Father. Defeated, he seems to capitulate, but ultimately refuses to go -- instead delighting in tempting, twisting, and destroying man on earth so long as he can.

Anyhow, more events unfold here but where it concerns Ayame, having awoken to her true identity, and Satan defeated (for the time being anyway) she returns to heaven, and we watch as she ascends into the skies after comforting Oogami and the rest of the Flower Division.

Hopefully that helps, and I'd be glad to answer any additional questions if I didn't make anything clear enough.

  • Jul 14, 2005

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