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Since we are insane Bleach fanatics, we started this Bleach Wallpaper Contest. You can win a hot prize, an Original Bleach Pencil Board!

1. It has to be a Bleach wallpaper! We won't accept other series or non-character wallpapers. But it doesn't matter whether it's anime or manga. We love both <3
2. One participant may submit 2 wallpapers. That's the maximum amount of Bleach goodness you can send us. (You can make one wallpaper with Yina's and one with chibikko's favorite character haha).
3. The size of the wallpaper has to be at least 1280x960. Of course bigger resolutions are very welcome.
4. The wallpaper has to be good and high quality. In other words, no low-effort walls you made in 20 minutes. We want you to sweat blood for that hot pencil board.
5. Teamwork will not be accepted. Collaborations won't be accepted. Of course you can ask your friends for help but never let them touch your wallie.
6. Make sure to mention the contest in the copyrightline. Something like 'Entry for the Bleach contest at removed' is an example.
7. You may not use an old wallpaper which has already been published. You need to make a new wallpaper and not use the old Bleach wallie you added a texture and used for your desktop. However, you can post your wallpaper at communities like Animepaper before the deadline.

Done reading? Then send your finished work to chiko at uchiki.de.

...is October the 1st. Don't send us wallpapers on that day please. The date you send it to the email will count, not the date we put it up on uchiki.

We offer you one of the most beautiful Bleach pencil board you can get (okay, that was exerggerated...). Shipping will be free for you, too.

Yina and chibikko will be the judges for this contest. Don't tamper us, it's no use. But since we are absolute Bleach fangirls, we can't resist certain wallpaper types.

Still any questions? Write an email to the address you send your wallpapers to (see rules).

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