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Well here be a chronology (is that it...anyways) of poems i wrote one or two years ago. I found them hidden on my computer and found it very interesting looking back on what my mentality use to be. I found this interesting because it was like reading a diary i didn't know i kept, i'm sure some of you will find it equally interesting following the mentality and maybe you'll appreciate the poetry as well....I shall present them in order with a short intro on what inspired them.
(EDIT: I copied this from word so some of the commas and apostrophies came out as a funny little code.....sorry bout that....i'll try and fix it in a sec)

FIRSTLY: this one was written of course when i first truely fell in love.....
Titled:Thinking of you

Just a little poem to say
I think about you everyday
You already know that too
So that's why I wrote this for you

I can not get you from my mind
I've never known love of this kind
But now there is a chance I might
When I dream of you at night

If I said what's in my heart
Would that mean we'll never part
I dread the day that will not come
The thought that makes my insides numb

I watch the thunders and rising tide
But feel much safer at your side
As long as you hold me tight
I know that things will be all right

I look at you and then it's clear
Why the good lord put me here
I know that we will pull through
Cause baby…I'm in love with you

SECONDLY: This one was written of course after that first "true love" failed
Titled: Two faced

I gave my heart, I don't know why
I didn't want to make her cry
It was fun at first but now I see
That she really does love me

I was playing, I never thought
That this would have her feelings caught
She loves me but I don't know why
Do I tell the truth or lie

I don't know what she may see
There's nothing special about me
I'm just a guy, a common sight
It's not as if I'll win the fight

What I see in her I cannot tell
An angel or a sign from hell
A two faced bitch, a bloody hoe
But she's attractive, I know that so

One side is innocent and sweet
The side that sweeps me of my feet
The other side is hard and cold
She makes me do what I've been told

I'm certain and I have to know
Where this relationship will go
I can hear but I cannot see
Are her eyes really on me

THIRDLY: This is a nice little one i wrote when i was bored and thinking of how much greater life could be, i live near the sea so there are plenty of dolphins around where i live.
Titled: I Want To Be A Dolphin
I want to be a dolphin
swimming through the sea
Not a care or worry
of what people think of me
No more petty insults
or worrying 'bout school
Cause now that I'm a dolphin
I'll always be cool

With skin as smooth as satin
grey as clouds can be
A tail and a flipper
no arms, no legs, no me
No worrying in the mirror
or annoying hair
No more getting dressed
Now that I'm completely bare

I give a call, a peaceful sound
that echo's through the waves
A sign of hope, a ray of light
the kind of sound that saves
When people here that song of mine
that ever-lasting tune
It makes them able to sit back
rejoice a full blue moon

Under the waves I swim away
thinking what to do
Then I feel completely lost
where on earth are you
It's nice in the water
in the deep blue sea
But now I want to have you here
a dolphin just like me

FOURTHLY: This is one i wrote later on when another girl came along and kinda took my interest, when she said she loved me it kinda got me thinking about the word love and whether she was worth the effort.
Titled: No More
It can't be bought, it can't be sold
It can't be seen it, it can't be held
You can give but cannot take
It's something that you cannot make
It has much use but little truth
The lies are made up by the youth

I walk around and all I see
People lying around me
Normally guys but females too
They want it quick but not to be true
To say is easy, to say is sly
To mean is a vow until you die

The meaning lies deep down inside
But when it's true it cannot hide
Once before my love was true
And now I think it is for you
But love still hurts and now I see
The path of love is not for me

It could be true but would I know
To go to her or with the flow
I have been hurt, I've hurt before
But cannot stand it any more
One life, one love as the wise man said
To lose that love is to be dead

I can try and try again
But trying hopeless in the end
If one love is out there just for me
I will not know and will not see
No more trying, no more pain
The path of love has been lain

FIFTHLY: Well of course i hesitated and then that girl kinda slipped away and started to hate me and it kinda answered the question i asked in the last one. Naturally i was a little depressed so bear with the language.
Titled: Waiting for More
You heard it before and don't give a f###
You ripped off my work and told me I suck
I don't give a s### you can all go to hell
I'm sure I can find someone else to tell

I don't care for you cause my worlds about me
A self-centered prick, the guy you all see
Why bother telling them, keep poems for your own
Tell them there's a new one, first thing is a moan

Look up the pages, they're all about love
But as time progress's, you give that a shove
You realize the truth, the last thing you’ll do
Death is the answer, and it will consume you

I know for I have been there before
But I was sent back from heavens door
A second chance or sent down to hell
Where I am now, how can you tell

This world that I live in, or what's left behind
Once was a paradise, People once kind
Now it's a s### hole and here I shall stay
Death will come knocking another day

Why take my life, It wont end the pain
It'll just screw round others, and drive them insane
I don't know what to live for, but know it's still there
I'll wait till tomorrow for my luck to flare

Well if your reading this good job and i greatly repect and adore you for caring. I'm a happy person now and haven't really fallen in love since the last poem, I was kinda shocked at my language and attitude in the last one when i read it now but hey, it happens to everyone at least once.
Well tell us what you think about it....poetry any good or any particular comments on any of the pieces?

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bara tsukiyo


wow so much emotion in these poems. you did a geat job writing them. again wow


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Holy shit man, a lot of reading but really good poems. I'd like to see more of this from you. Nice job.

Thank you RainOfStars for the kick ass signature!
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  • Sep 06, 2005

Quote by BlkLotuswow so much emotion in these poems. you did a geat job writing them. again wow

I feel the same way. You did do a nice job of writing the poems ^^

  • Sep 06, 2005



The Seeker


wow....... From Pham and nidhi.
nidhi says " your clarity is beautiful"
PHAM says " Thats so good, deep that poem is"

  • Sep 07, 2005

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