Social Classes that we are in.

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All sociologist agree that there is a social class for every society and civilization. If it isn't then it must be a communist country or something. Even in America we have social classes. A person's social staus is usually depeneded on income, eduaction, reputation, honor, profession, and etc. Here is usaully a classification of clases, but there are many:

upper-upper class: raised by wealth and obtain wealth through inheritence.
Lower-upper class: individuals who obtained money without inheritence but through work.
Upper-middle class: High salery professionals (doctors, lawyers, etc.)
Lower-middle class: Low paid professionals, but not maual laborers (small buissnesses)
Upper-lower class: the working class
Lower-lower class: Unemployed, homeless

A Marxism version of class is simplified in two classes: one that could own the means of production and own that works for the means of production. Basically the rich who own businesses and the wage workers.

Also there is another funny social ladder I found in wikipedia:

Money: Capitalism
Monarchy: we rule you
Religion: we fool you
Military: we shoot at you
Aristocrats: we eat for you
Workers: we feed all, we work for all

For me I think I belong into an upper-lower class. For one thing my father works as a manual laborer, but he owns his own buisness. And for a Marxism version if it follows my father falls in between: he owns his own buisness, but he works as a manual laborer. my mother works part time to put more income, she can't really find a perminate job.

So what social class are you in? This might be hard to follow.

As Karl Marx had said in the last sentence of the "Communist Manifesto,"
"Anime fans around the world unite!"
Create a revolution for anime.

  • Sep 18, 2005

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