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According to Wikipedia, another track from Air, in addition to "Tori no Uta", has allegedly been copied by the very same artist, Shaun Yu. Will this shameless act of plagiarism never end?

Currently, music from the game and anime are undergoing controversy. On August 27, 2005, Anime News Network reported that Singaporean musician Shaun Yu may have plagiarized "Tori no Uta". Yu's current album, The Best of Shaun Yu, features a track called "Melody" which sounds like the AIR theme. Though Key has made no official statement at this time, an investigation is ongoing.[1]

On September 21, it was reported that a second song on the album, "Magic", may have been plagiarized from another song on the AIR soundtrack, "Tenshi no Kyujitsu". Yu has stated that his producers, YesMusic, had arranged both tracks, and that he was unaware of the situation. YesMusic, in turn, has stated that they licensed the rights to the song from Key/Visual Art's for mainland China distribution, but that the album came out in Taiwan before licensing could be arranged for that territory. However, Key/Visual Art's denies this, as per a statement on their website:

Official Announcement Regarding Plagiarism of Tori no Uta Thank you very much for supporting products of our humble company. According to information provided by fans, we've learned that Shaun Yu's 真愛珍愛2005風行精選集 distributed by SONY BMG Entertainment (Taiwan) is suspected plagiarizing our music - Tori no Uta. We apologize for worrying supporting fans. We have filed a formal complaint to SONY BMG Entertainment (Taiwan) and made following demands:

1. Apologize publicly on the web.
2. Credit the composer of Tori no Uta to Shinji Orito clearly.
3. If the above two requirements are fulfilled, we will not ask for financial compensations.

We have been negotiating with SONY BMG Entertainment (Taiwan) with those terms. Regrettably, 季忠屏, director of YesMusic, the production company of this CD, has made a false announcement today that he had purchased distribution rights from us. It is a pity and is regrettable. In order to show our objection to his plagiarizing actions and his dishonest attitude, we shall not license any of our creation to them, including Tori no Uta. These days, we have received supports from both Japanese and Taiwanese fans. You have our immense gratitude. Please keep supporting our humble company, Key, in the future.

To date, Sony BMG has pulled all copies of the album and issued a recall of all albums sold.



  • Sep 23, 2005

uh... in the first place... they should think and be considerate espcially if one is planing for a soundtrack or music...

  • Sep 23, 2005



Elusive Dream


lol Finally. The guy and the company deserve that.
Serves them rigth for ripping Tori no Uta.




getting pwned by school


Wow, that guy never learns eh? It's hard to believe that it is coincidence.

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That is good news, i hope that they learn not to steal other people's music >_<

  • Jan 26, 2009

TWO tracks? man, as if one wasn't obvious enough...
serves that guy right for plagiarizing...

  • Jan 27, 2009

Since i in sg, doubt to say that this guy deserve 4 wat he did to mess up Tori no Uta ==

  • May 19, 2009

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