*spoilers* azumi 2.....ur thoughts & is that guy nachi?

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Yea...I finally got a chance to watch Azumi 2 and although this movie wasn't as good as the first part I still felt it was pretty well worth watching....without filling my post with a bunch of fillers......I was wondering if that guy (I think its ginkaku....not sure) is nachi......or if its just a lookalike.....I mean when Azumi meets the guy he tells her that there are ppl in this world who look alike and when she's poisoned she sees him blurrily and keeps calling him nachi and he's like "u noe who I am right?"....but y is he all bandaged to start with?....personally I dont think he's nachi....but there could be a possibility....any ideas anyone?

  • Sep 28, 2005

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