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The Wanderer


I've played further into the Japanese version of the game, so here I am, reporting everything I see, though I don't understand a single word of Japanese. I'll post this when I still have my memories fresh. The game starts with you, Calintz, as a young child, in a burning village, surrounded by some four-legged creatures and a black knight. A man in white comes and saves you with his amazing swordsplay and speed.

I've to say, the flames in this game is better than Final Fantasy X-2's, but the environment graphics are pretty much the same as FF's, perhaps better, but definitely not inferior. The character's faces were great, unlike FF, they are always detailed (even if not always, most of the time, 'cause I can't really see their faces in battle).

You play as Calintz, and you awake in your bed, going around this building gathering your allies (3 of them), one really sexy woman in red, one slim guy whom I almost mistook as a girl, and a muscular man. The background music is Crimson Stigmata, I think.

Alrighty, as you leave the building, you are thrown into a battle tutorial. I've said that it's like Shadow Hearts, but let me elaborate on it.

Each character has his/her own range, a circle around him/her that shows the radius of his/her range. If an enemy is in your range, you can attack it. How do you know that you can attack? Well, as the enemy comes into your range, the buttons on your controller floats up.

For example, Calintz's attack would be 'O, O, O'. Well, these three 'O's will surface on the screen in a circle, with a box of some sort on top of the circle and as you press the first 'O', the other two will circle upwards to that box, and as it enters the box, you must quickly press that particular button before it leaves th box, or it'll be a miss. Reminds you of DDR? It isn't anything like it, but it bares a small hint of resemblance. If the button is pressed when it is exactly inside th box, it'll be a 'Great', and if it leaves the box a little, it'll just be a 'Good'. I think three 'Great's give you a critical hit.

In the battle field, there are two bars at the top right hand corner of the screen. The first bar represents the enemy's bar, while the below is yours. Whoever's bar fills up faster gets to attack first, and has to be in range. There's an arrow on the bar too (both you and the enemy), and when the bar fills pass the arrow, you or the enemy can attack.

Like Star Ocean, you can switch characters with L1 in battle, but only one character moves at a time, and that character is you. The currency in the came is 'Sid', but that doesn't matter, does it? Good thing there's only HP in this game, no MP, so don't worry about not having enough mana to cast magic. Pressing the triangle button during battle gives you the item command and stuffs like that. Oh, you can only have three characters n a party.

Lessee... Erm... Oh yes, Save Points. They're huge, so you can't miss'em. They're green and nice... >_o When you access a save point, you reach a menu. The first one is to save, which is self-explanatory. The second one is to give gifts to your allies, making them happier and like you more. The third one is talking to your allies, and depending on your choices, they will like you more or less. I accidentally got the woman in red to hate me. ;_; I feel so bad. Anyway, the last one is to Rest, heals up your party. Nice, eh?

Well, I think that's about all. Hope you're pleased with the info.

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I briefly played it on my last trip to korea, but unfortunately my korean reading skills are poor so I didnt get much of what was happening...
though i have to admit, I found the graphics quite stunning ^^

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