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EDIT: Quick service note: due to my thesis, I will be on hiatus from moderating for the foreseeable months. I will still be around but I will not be a moderator. As such, active moderators will answer you and use this thread. Sorry for the inconvenience

This is the introduction thread to the sandbox forum. Here you will be given the guidelines for this forum. Of course, it is always a work in progress so new ones may be added from time to time.

This forum was created with the idea that artist need to improve themselves and often seeing the work-in-progress is the only way to give useful suggestions. Also, the Minitokyo main gallery is for wallpapers with a certain degree of quality; so use this forum if you're not sure about your wallpapers.
This forum is completely separated from the art forum. The art forum is for tutorials, techniques and programs. This forum is for getting feedback on specific work-in-progress.

These are the guidelines you'll have to follow:
- You will not submit these wallpapers in the main gallery of Minitokyo in order to show us. You will submit them elsewhere, either on some personal web space or on a free image web hosting site. Some examples are
- You will post one thread per wallpaper. Such thread must contain, in the title, as much useful information as possible. For example if you're doing a grunge wallpaper, say so in the title. This will ensure that the right members will find your thread and give you useful suggestions
- You will provide a FULL SIZE image. Not much can be said about resized images...
- Every comment posted in said threads will be useful. Comments like "I love this honey" will be reported and deleted on the spot. This will be enforced mercilessly in order to maintain a minimum level of comment quality
- Every comment will be polite. You are supposed to be honest, NOT to harass aspiring artists
- This section has low minimum standards, but still you are not to post extremely simplistic or low quality work, or unfinished work. They are supposed to be work-in-progress, not barely started wallpapers
- If you work on your wallpaper and improve it, be sure to update the linked image and show us before (eventually) posting it in the main gallery
- Any suggestion here is just that. Of course if, say, a moderator suggest you to clean the scan, you should listen if you want to post it in the main gallery. But as a rule of thumb, keep in mind that these are suggestions.
- You will ask for thread closure after your wallpaper has been posted and accepted in the main gallery or after you don't want feedback anymore. This is to avoid people reviving old, now useless threads.

P.S. if you know a GOOD, reliable free image web hosting site, please let me now and I'll add it to the list.

I am now on hiatus from moderating due to my thesis.
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I want to add that your skill in wallpaper making is not important here, unlike the gallery. Anyone can post his or her wallpapers and doujinshi's here, without fear of being deleted.


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Quote by tarerenIt seems more and more people are posting useless comments in this forum now...
They posted a one liner like... ummm, I'm sure you know what I mean...
I bet most of them never even try to look at the wall to be commented on >_<
Can something be done? Erm, other than reporting... cos I think if I did that, .... there will be tons of reports..

Oh, I won't mind if you do tons of reports. ;)

I'm going to do my best to delete all the spam comments that do not actually help the artists improve. But of course, I'm only 1 person so by all means, please do report. That'll make my job easier. XP

merged: 12-01-2005 ~ 11:42am
Addendum to Keltosh's original Sandbox guidelines:

I. What are spam comments in the Sandbox?
In keeping with the spirit of the sandbox forum, I am going to be a bit more strict on the quality of the comments in this particular forum section. I believe that comments such as "ooo great job, love the colors," etc etc, while encouraging, do not contribute anything meaningful to help the artists improve.

Therefore, I ask that everyone in the future make all comments specific to the artwork at hand and offer substantive and meaningful critiques of the artwork.

Such comments as "I love this, the colors are great, and the girl is cute. Great job", while they may not be considered spam in other forum sections, will be deemed unhelpful in the sandbox and will generally be deleted.

Of course, this rule is not meant to keep members from encouraging aspiring artists. I simply ask that everyone refrain from posting comments do ONLY say "i love this wall." You can mix encouragement will well-intended critiques, and that will be all fine and dandy. :)

II. What do I do after I finally submit my work to the actual galleries?
Please report your own thread, and I will close down threads that are no longer needed now that you have submitted your work to the galleries. This suggestion has been brought up before, and has been put in Keltosh's first post, but has not been really implemented. So why not start now? :)

This will help reduce clutter in the Sandbox and help other members to know which pieces are new and need contributions. :)


To be more proactive in reducing clutter, I will close threads that are inactive for over 1 week. If, however, you still need your thread, PM me and I will reopen it.

//end edit.

Thank you all for your cooperation.

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Addendum to Addendum of Sandbox Guidelines

Provide us with a description!

Guys, the Sandbox is no different to the gallery! We need basic information so we can help you better!

It'd be great if you could just include the following BASIC information:

- The title of your artwork
- What you have used or done (eg. if you used a stock/ existing image for the background)
- What IMAGE EDITING PROGRAM YOU ARE USING (so we won't talk about Photoshop if you're using GIMP)
- What you are trying to achieve (a sad, humorous, happy, comical, serious, beautiful/floral/natural artwork?)

All this basic information will help us all to determine how much extra work you will need on your work.
It will also help us be able to give you the right tips in order to achieve the best effect.

OTHER OPTIONAL INFORMATION (that would be greatly appreciated!)

- Scan source (is your original scan small, large, requiring cleaning etc)
- Other image sources
- Any other images you may think are appropriate for your artwork (perhaps you want to add in another character or house, but don't really know how)
- The time you have spent on your artwork

Remember, the Sandbox is not just about improvement, it's about working something to its maximum potential, and we want to help you with that!


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