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Anyone here see this series? It was recommended to me by a friend so I rented it the other day, and I'm just blown away. The animation and style is spectacular. The music is extremely well-composed. It's got an old-school kind of flair to it. And, it's about a kid and his GIANT FREAKEN ROBOT! As good as this show is, I'm very surprised that so few people ever talk about it nowadays. Did it just slip under the radar and never get to anyone outside of Japan? If you've seen this show, come on and talk about it!

Really enjoy(ed) GIANT ROBO myself.

And while it had it's share of production problems, delays, etc. the finished product is a sight to behold indeed. Couldn't agree more with you there. Great story, great characters, and while it's got it's heartbreaking moments -- that it ever got to that point is a testament to how good it is. That, and as you elude to above it's almost got something for everybody from the excellent art design, to the story, to the music and in-between.

Thanks for bringing up a classic.



Master of Disaster

Together, alliegence or death, Big Fire.

Music by Masamichi Amano, I just love what he did for Giant Robo. Character designed by the same artist that did the character for both Lunar video games. I liked Giant Robo.

In every age, in every place, the deeds of men remain the same.

It's the one of best mecha show ever!

Quote by DuuzCharacter designed by the same artist that did the character for both Lunar video games.

Toshiyuki Kubooka -- one of the best!

(Love the LUNAR series as well. Go get 'em Dragon Master!)

It's a great anime with lots of characters and action. The art's great too.

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