Userguide to Minitoyko 3: credits, browsing, groups and more

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EDIT: Quick service note: due to my thesis, I will be on hiatus from moderating for the foreseeable months. I will still be around but I will not be a moderator. As such, active moderators will answer you and use this thread. Sorry for the inconvenience

At Sheqel's request, since Minitoyko 3 is new and most of the old discussions are outdated, I'm rewriting official threads for the Minitokyo discussion forum, and closing the old pinned threads. Only these three threads are to stay pinned as of now, since it has been noted that we have too many pinned threads. All these threads are work in progress, so bear with me because it's quite long to write them and I have much to do. If a feature is marked as 'coming soon', please wait before suggesting till I have written it. We are also trying to sort things out now so nothing is final yet. Check this thread frequently for updates!

NOTE: I will keep this thread clean of complaints, misguiding information and off-topic posts. I will also clean it, from time to time, of posts no longer useful.

This thread is the Userguide. This thread will tell you everything you need to know about Minitokyo 3 (Much of this is courtesy of Xandman, Shinsengumi and Silentmasamune, so thanks to them).

1 - The credit System
2 - Site layout, browsing, submitting reviews, searching, uploading and downloading
3 - Forum and guestbook usage (drafted)
4 - The control panel, the profile page and friends (watchlist, friendlist and hotlist only as of now)
5 - Groups (coming soon)
6 - Userpage customization

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1 - The credit System

First things first, keep in mind that we will not tell you exactly how to gain credits, at least for now. This is to avoid abuse of the credit system. Gaining and spending credits is a slow process. You will NOT see immediate changes to your credit balance. This is due to these reasons:
- Caching of the numbers.
- We don't want members to find out the exact formula for gaining credits. This is to avoid abuse of the credit system.
As such, your credits balance will change slowly, over time.

1.1 - How to gain credits:

Contribute to the site. Most types of contribution will gain you credits. Some will not, but we will not tell you exactly which ones. Once again, this is to prevent abuse of the credit system.

Note that submitting gallery items is not the only way to gain credits. There are many other ways which are equally effective. Just try to think about how to contribute to the community, and you will surely find many ways.

1.2 - What will cost credits:

- Downloading an image.
- Creating a new group: fixed cost, 100 credits. This is to prevent creation of too many groups. Groups should only be created when there is a reason for it, and only if you are really interested in that. Which means, willing to pay.
- Submitting indy art and wallpapers: variable cost. The cost depends on how many members have added you to their watchlist. Only members active in the last 2 months count. This is to avoid friendlist whoring. This will ensure that members only post quality submissions. For anything else, use The Sandbox or Anime Pictures Dump.

Now before you all go ballistic and start complaining: the formula has been created so that members who contribute to the community will NOT have problems with credits, as long as they don't want to download the whole gallery. The values are FAIR.

Just take part in the community, and you will not have problems whatsoever. The main reason for the credit system was to avoid horrible problems like indiscriminate leeching, friendlist whoring and spamming.

In Minitokyo 3, spamming will not help you increase your credit balance. Quality contribution will determine that. So just contribute, have fun in Minitokyo, be fair and useful to others and you will never have problems again with the credit system, which is still being worked on.

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2 - Site layout, browsing, submitting reviews, searching, uploading and downloading

2.1 - General Site Layout

The new Minitokyo has many different new pages and features you will have to get used to. Some things will show on every page of the site:
- The main menu
- Your name
- Your credits
- The notifications count
- A link to your profile page
- A link to the control panel (see below)
- The logout button
- Partners and links

The main menu has links to:
- The main page (features recent forum posts, recent reviews, highlighted wallpapers, links to recent wallpapers, indy art or scans, links to many sections, statistics, members online)
- The browse page: browse images by series. More on this below.
- Forum: takes you to the forum. More on this below.
- Art: browse wallpapers and indy art. More on this below.
- Scans: browse scans. More on this below.
- Reviews: takes you to the reviews section. No spoilers there.
- Groups: takes you to the group browse page. More on this below.
- Support: takes you to the support section. Not everything there is updated yet, refer to this thread for now.

2.2 - Browsing the galleries

You can browse the galleries either by type of submission (vectors, anime wallpapers, male scans, etc..) or by category (Ai Yori Aoshi, Masamune Shirow, Final fantasy VII, etc..)

To browse by category, use the browse link from the main menu. This will bring you to the Browse page. Here, you can either use the alphabetical listing on the left to search for a specific category, or you can use the links in the main body of the page, either to search for categories by type (action, comedy, drama etc) or to jump to the most popular artists and studios. Either way, you will reach the category page.

This page is extremely important because it lets you
- Browse the images by type (example, anime wallpapers of that category).
- Upload images in the category (more on this below).
- See information, feedback, reviews, and popular images for the category.
- Browse all the images of the category (button at the end of the page, in the middle).

The other way to browse the galleries is to use the art or scans link from the main menu. This will bring you to the type specific galleries (anime wallpapers, male scans, doujinshi, etc.) which contain every image of that type posted on Minitokyo. Every type specific gallery contains, in its general page, highlighted images, popular images and recent images, as well as links to browse the gallery either by popularity or date of submission
- The art page contains links to Anime wallpapers, General wallpapers, Doujinshi, Abstract art, Vector art.
- The scans page contains links to Male scans, Female scans, Couple scans, Group scans, Miscellaneous scans
However you cannot submit images from here.

In both cases, when you are browsing the galleries, you can use the menu on the left sidebar to switch from popular submissions to date submissions sorting and vice versa.

From there you can access the image pages. These are the features you will see there:
- In the main body you will see the thumbnail of the image, as well as the comment of the author, the statistics and then, scrolling down, the comments and the quick reply box. Note that the image, if clicked, will bring you to the full view page. The appropriate amount of credits will be deducted.
- In the left bar you will see a link to the author's gallery, followed by the owner options (if you made the submission) and the user's options. Owner options are edit comment, update the image or delete the image. User options are download (the cost in credit is shown only here) and add to favorites.

2.3 - Searching

The search option is not showing in every page anymore. The search page is accessed through a link in the left bar. There are two kinds of searches now:
- The gallery search can be reached from the main menu, in art page and from the scans page.
- The forum search can be reached from the main forum index, for the sub-forums indexes and from the forum threads pages.

2.4 - Uploading images and submitting reviews

To upload an image, you need to reach the correct category first, through the method described above. Once you are there you can submit images or reviews through the links in the left bar. Note that:
- If your image belongs to an anime or game series, post it there
- If not, but it belongs to a studio or artist, post it there
- If it's a creation totally made by you, even in concept (i.e your own character or such) post it in the 'original' category
- If not, but you know where it is from, post it under the 'Other category' and write in the comment the name of the anime series/game/studio/author
- If not, post it under the appropriate unknown category. Keep in mind that this is only a LAST resort, and that duplicates will be deleted.


Reviews need to be written by you, in English, and must be detailed and as grammatically correct as possible. You must also choose the type of reviews (anime, game...) and rate the category for each different trait. Finally, you can upload up to 4 scans


You can only submit wallpapers YOU made. These wallpapers must have a minimum quality. Anything that does not reach those requirements will be deleted. Please, if you are new to walling and/or unsure about it, submit in The Sandbox instead.
You must choose between anime wallpaper and general wallpaper. Most of the time it will be anime wallpaper. Then, after entering title and description, you will be brought to the proper upload page. The file size limit is 2048 KB (2 MB). Only jpeg images are accepted.

Indy Art

You can only submit art YOU made. These art pieces must have a minimum quality. Anything that does not reach those requirements will be deleted.

You must choose between doujinshi or vector art.
- Doujinshi are art pieces you made/drew totally from scratch. Any such submission, even if hand-drawn and then scanned, is to be submitted as doujinshi.
- Vectors are, as said, vectored images.

Then, after entering title and description, you will be brought to the proper upload page. The file size limit is 2048 KB (2 MB). Only jpeg images are accepted.

You can submit scans in this section. The quality of said images must be high to very high. You are expected to search for duplicates before submitting your image. It is not allowed to enlarge/apply filers to meet the minimum image size requirements. If the image has been scanned by you, point it out. If not, give credits as completely as possible by writing down the source and, if known, the scanner.

You must choose between male, female, group, couple or miscellaneous scan.
- Male scans feature only males, in any number
- Female scans feature only females, in any number
- Couple scans features a male and a female character
- Group scans features at least 3 characters, and they must be of both genders
- Miscellaneous scans do not feature any human character. Robots or animals are examples of what should go there.

Then, after entering title and description, you will be brought to the proper upload page. The file size limit is 2048 KB (2 MB). Only jpeg images are accepted.

2.5 - Downloading images

Well downloading images is actually quite easy. Browse the galleries until you find images that you're interested in, as explained in point 2.2.
When you are in the image page, either click on the thumbnail or on the download link in the left bar. The download link also shows the cost in credits. You will then be able to see the full view image.
The cost of images is driven by their file size. Scans cost more than wallpapers, and doujinshi cost the least.

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3 - Forum and guestbook usage

- You can make a new forum thread by entering on the right forum and clicking on the new thread button in the left bar.
- You can create threads as long as they are not doubles. Check by searching before posting a new thread. Also be sure to create new threads in the right forum, and that they are not just spam threads.
- Enter the forum where you want post the thread and at the bottom of the page enter the thread name and the starting post. Starting posts must be at least 30 characters long. You can also make a poll thread by clicking "show poll options" and entering the poll name and the possible choices.
- Threads can be closed if they are spam, if they are offensive, if they infringe the Minitokyo policy or if they are doubles. Threads can also be closed if there is no point at all in letting them open, at the discretion of the moderators, or if the member who posted the thread ask for it to be closed.
- Double posting is not allowed on Minitokyo. If you have additional comments or thoughts to add to a thread, please use the 'Edit' button underneath your post.

More coming soon.

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4 - The control panel, the profile page and friends

4.1 Watchlist, friendlist and hotlist

Here you will know the differences between friendlist, watchlist and hotlist and who shows up in your profile page.

Watchlist is a list of members you want to watch. You will receive notifications for the wallpapers, indy art, scans and reviews they submit.

Friendlist is a list of members who are your friends. People you care enough to want to know what they post in the forum. You will NOT receive notifications when they submit wallpapers, indy art or reviews. You will only receive threads notifications. The reasoning is, you should check up on them from time to time. This is not a list meant for 100 members or so, but for your, so to speak, best buddies.

Hotlist as of now is not working. And not showing in the profile page as well. As of now, you'll only receive notifications of threads by the members in the hotlist. Later on, when it is fully implemented, it will have more features. Like small photos of the members in your hotlist and maybe more.

As for the profile page:

You will see in the mutual friends table only those members you added to friendlist and who added you as a friend. If you add someone to your friendlist , but he does not add you back, you will not see him as mutual friend. Not even if he added you to the watchlist.

You will see in the watchlist table those members who have you on the watchlist, not the ones you have on watchlist.

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5 - Groups

Groups are places where people can join together to discuss the topic at hand or meet people with similar interests. The groups can be accessed through the Groups link on the Main Menu. To join a group, go to the group page and click "Apply for Group" located on the left hand menu. This will then be sent to the group Admins/Mods for approval.

To create a new group: As previously stated, to create a new group costs 100 credits. At this point in time there is no search feature for the groups section, but if you want to create a new group please do your best to check that one hasn't already been created. Otherwise your group could be deleted.

---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ----

6 - Userpage customization

Ok I will admit this was a little misleading. Here you'll have the links to the pertinent threads. Currently they are:

Custom Userpage Layout Tutorial for Photoshop

Custom Userpage Layout Tutorial for Paint Shop Pro

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