Complaints: deleted images, warnings, bans.

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EDIT: Quick service note: due to my thesis, I will be on hiatus from moderating for the foreseeable months. I will still be around but I will not be a moderator. As such, active moderators will answer you and use this thread. Sorry for the inconvenience.

At Sheqel's request, since Minitoyko 3 is new and most of the old discussions are outdated, I'm rewriting official threads for the Minitokyo discussion forum, and closing the old pinned threads. Only these three threads are to stay pinned as of now, since it has been noted that we have too many pinned threads. All these threads are work in progress, so bear with me cause it's quite long to write them and I have much to do.

This thread will deal with these type of complaints:
- Complaints about deleted images.
- Complaints about unjust warnings and member status change.
- Complaints about anything else that is NOT site related. Don't post your 'I don't like this feature' complaints here.

What will not be tolerated in this thread

This is a thread where you can complain about deleted images and ask for the removal of bans and warnings if you think that they were underserved. As such, we have to set up strict regulations.

- From now on, every private message, guestbook post or person contacting us on AIM or MSN will be redirected here. If you persist in pestering us in those ways, you'll be ignored (and eventually dealt with if you really cannot shut up).
- Post only if you have something meaningful and useful to say. Any other post will be ignored and deleted, and if you persist, you will be dealt with accordingly. Posts not regarding to the topic at hand will be deleted on the spot. Since this is a sort of service thread, if an argument degenerates into a war, all the posts regarding that will be deleted and the members (if necessary) dealt with.
- If you cannot write in a civil way, then avoid posting here. Any post using rude or insulting tones will be deleted on the spot, and the offending member will be dealt with.
- Don't bother saying "but I have to discuss it privately." If you cannot post it here, where everyone can read it, then it's not worth being heard.
- This is not a thread where you can post in order to gain the pity of others. Members trying to rack in the pity of other members will be dealt with accordingly.

About the policy of Minitokyo

The policy of Minitokyo is equal for everyone. The policy applies equally to EVERY member, from gallery directors to restricted members. Every member will receive 2 warnings before being banned, except in case of extreme crimes (such as massive spamming or insulting, or posting extremely questionable and illegal material). And we often (depending on the circumstances) settle for a softer punishment, unless the ban is deserved.

Here follow some of the most common ways to get a warning (this is not a complete list):
- Ripping a wallpaper, a doujinshi, or part of a wallpaper or doujinshi.
- Multiple resubmission of deleted material without the explicit permission of a moderator.
- Spamming.
- Posting insults, and generally harassing other members.
- Any other kind of questionable behavior (for example, racism).

Warnings serve us moderators to keep track of a member status. That is why we write them. We do not enjoy warning. We do not enjoy banning. We merely follow the policy in deciding what to do in each case. Yes, we can make mistakes, but it's not frequent.

About deleted images

If you really think that one of your images was deleted unjustly, please make a polite post explaining why. Also, you must provide a working link to your submission. All deleted submissions go into Quarantaine, where only staff can see them; however, the thumbnails are still displayed in your gallery. Simply locate the submission's thumbnail in your gallery and copy its URL so that we know exactly which submission you are talking about. Any complaints that do not include a Minitokyo gallery link to the submission in question will be ignored.

For members petitioning for warning removal or unbanning

It is quite simple indeed. If you received a warning and you think you did not deserve it, or if a friend of yours was banned, and you think it was undeserved, then you can post here. Post only if you have something meaningful to say. Read above for more tips on this. Only rational arguments and civil words will be listened to.

Saying: "but I/He/She didn't know" is not a valid argument. Every member is expected to read and know the policy and FAQ (for now, refer to the userguide).
Saying: "but I/He/She is a really nice person, and has lot of friends" is not a valid argument.

Explain to us, in a rational way, why the punishment was undeserved. The more detailed and rational you are, the better. For example, if one of your wallpapers was deleted as a rip but you actually made it, tell us so and be ready to show us proof. Use only this thread. Creating other threads will greatly hinder your chances of being listened to.

When petitioning for a warning removal, if petition is deemed just, the warning will be removed. Warnings are essential for us to know what a member did or did not do, so refrain from asking us to remove warnings because 'it is embarrassing' or other meaningless reasons. Only petition for warning removal if the warning was unjust.

When petitioning for unbanning or member status change, if your arguments are considered sound, we will discuss about it. If we decide you are right, said member's status will be set to restricted status for a probation period of undefined length (it is up to us. And in exceptional cases, such member might even be moved back to normal member immediately).

If you are asking for a friend to be unbanned, spamming this thread with a lot of posts is only likely to get us angry. Even if 100 of you post asking for said member to be unbanned, but we decide not to, you'll only irritate us.

This thread too will be cleaned from time to time.

To provide links to deleted images:

Firefox: Right-click the gallery thumbnail for the deleted image, click "Copy Link Location" and paste in your post.

IE: Right-click the gallery thumbnail for the deleted image, click "Copy Shortcut" and paste in your post.

As stated above, posts contesting deletions without any link will be ignored.

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If you find questionable scans, report them and they will be delt with.

To everyone:

Just because you find an ecchi image in a mod or elite's gallery doesn't mean there are double standards. There is this thing called time to go through the tens of thousands of gallery items. You'd understand if you actually tried looking at every single one of the items in every gallery systematically. Then go back to that gallery to check on new submissions from people who don't read the rules. Getting tired yet? Exactly. Try doing that every single day for a couple of hours at a stretch.

I am going to be blunt. I am tired of members' "OMFG DOUBLE STANDARD!?!?!?! so and so elite's scan isn't deleted." Instead of wasting your breath, report. You'd gain credits if your reports are good. A systematic examination of all gallery items in addition to our regular moderating duties takes time. We have lives outside of MT. Anything you find questionable that isn't deleted will be when we get to it. So instead of complaining, join the handful or so other members who actually realize that the best way to get us through this period of difficulty is to help report any items that they find. Do us all a favor and become one of them too.

I will also repeat this:

When making a complaint about a specific gallery item, provide the URL to that item in the MT galleries. Giving us only a link to that same image on imageshack will not help us process your complaint. Members are solely responsible for providing the MT link. MT moderators will NOT go hunting for it.

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I'd just like to leave a little note to people complaining having their walls deleted in masses.

When moderators get reports for poor quality wallpapers, they go and check to see if it really is a poor quality wall. When they do think it is one, many of them will also go through your other walls as well just to make sure that they are not at the same poor quality as the first. Often we will find that older walls have poorer quality since you improve as you go. Therefore we often have many of them being deleted at the same time because your other walls were also at the poor quality as the first. I hope this clarifies why sometimes members have many walls deleted all of a sudden.

Quote by Airu Mine is a miniscule complaint, but just a polite inquiry. When a mod deletes an image from your gallery for whatever reason, I would appreciate it much more if they would be considerate enough to PM the user, not scold them right on their user page. It is what I would do if I were put in that place.

Maybe that is the rule here or something, but I was more upset about the public comment than the deletion of my submission.

Just something else that Airu has brought up. I tend to post the replies to the questions in the gb as it requires me one less click than PM'ing (when you have a slow internet connection, clicks matter!). If anyone has read my answer/reply, has understood it and no longer want it in their gb for whatever reason, just drop in a line and I will delete it.

Posts will be deleted after 7 days if they have been answered. Do NOT be offended because a post was deleted!

Those of you wondering why artwork is still being deleted after Elite Gallery implementation - I have added in an additional note in that thread regarding Elite Gallery that walls of poor quality will still be deleted.

The following is the quote from my previous post.

Just as an additional note (as a reference), the following aspects of wall/artwork can lead to deletion even with the elite gallery implementation.

- Poor extraction
- Filter-whores and brush-whores (may depend on quality of overall submission)
- A doodle/very simple 5 min work
- Extreme blurriness
- Badly pixellated
- Original scan edges still seen
- Horrible enlarging
- Different versions of the same wall (ie. this is the PINK version)
- Poor scan quality - ie. no cleaning done at all.
- "Ghosting" (image on low opacity over the bg) New addition
- Pasting a bunch of chara images together to fill space New addition

- Rips and Duplicates will be purged on recognition.

Additional Note concerning

Scans from here are strictly not allowed as Kei does not want it posted on MT. However, if you have the same artbook(s) and have scanned them yourself, they will be okay. It's the scans that Kei himself has scanned that is the problem and it does not matter where you got the scan from - if it is Kei's it will be removed from the galleries.

Those that do not have signatures present, the Scans Moderators will make the decision whether they will be accepted or not as they are aware of Kei's scan qualities.

Quote by MarissaScans from beyourtruemind are a bit blurry and have almost no print noise. They also have dust spots in certain positions (probably spots on the scanner).

Those of your complaining you have seen worse gallery items:





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There is now a new forum for deletion complaints:
Start a new thread for each complaint.

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