Kono Minikuku mo Utsukushii Sekai and what we think it should be

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Allrighty then, there are three questions I would like you all to answer if you can.

1. What did you think of Kono Minikuku mo Utsukushii Sekai?

2. What did you think of the ending?

3. If you were in charge of writting Kono Minikuku mo Utsukushii Sekai 2, what would you do and how would you explain it? (This is the important question so please spend some time thinking about it and give a detailed response)

For me the answers are...

1. I really liked the series. The charecters were entertaining and lovable. It had the second or third cutest bit I've ever seen in anime, and I could really empathise with there problems.

2. I am undecided about the ending. I liked it except for the whole "Now that we have acknowledged we love each other truly and deeply we s shall leave and were not sure when we'll be back but it might not be untill after your and gone. Oh yea and remember us so that you wont fall in love with some one else."

3. As for my part 2... well at the end Hikari creates a new body for Takeru since his was destroyed when hers was. I think it would make sense for her to make his new body a bit, umm, longer lasting than the old one. I mean she did say she'd be back someday and I for one would want my love to actually be there when I got back ^_^. Ryou's power seemed more in the healing and buffing line anyway so I figure he survived for this unknown amount of time too. So I'd start the series with them explaining that and waiting on a hill overlooking the city for the s to return. In either the first or second episode she and Akari would come back and reunite with our heros. However following them would be another of the "creators" little toys, a failsafe incase Hikari/Akari ever failed to clean a planet. Thus we have our heros reunited with a new antagonist that will cause problems but endup pushing them closer together. I would end it with the memory/illusion from the first one where Hikari has Takeru's baby on her back in a sling and is seeing him off on his daily diliveries, but with Ryou and Akari watching from inside the house. And this time its real not an illusion.

So what are your answers to these 3 questions, and what do you think of the ones allready posted?

  • Oct 31, 2005

1. I really liked it its become one of my fav. animes to watch i give it a 9 out of 10!
2.It was ok but i like the type of endings in which everyone lives or i guess no one leaves but overall it was ok.
3.I not really sure but i would for sure have both of the girls come back.

If you ever find yourself lost....
Don't look to the past...
Take a new path...
To the future...

  • Nov 24, 2005



The Terror of Death


1) I liked the anime. Not one of the best in my list, but I liked it nonetheless.

2) I was unsatisfied, more like disappointed with the ending. There could have been more...

3) I would have the girls come back and more action to follow, especially with their relationships. I mean they just left like that? Ok but that is kinda disappointing.

  • Nov 29, 2005

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