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The MT Olympics?
Basically, this was an idea conceived by Pwn, which was a pretty good idea. This event will be seperated into different sections, and there will be winners for each section of the olympics.

Pwn took the liberty to writing some rules, although i do think that more should be established.

Rules in progress
1) You may only represent one group if you are a part of more than one group on the list.
2) Each group can only have 5 members/admins/mods represent them.
3) Have fun. (No joke...this is awesome, screw it up and this all could go to hell)
4) Please meet the deadline for your work to be in! If you do not, you will be excluded from the competition, making it harder for your group.
5) No swearing, no insults and no racism/sexism, this is a place of friends...let's keep it that way.

if you are a part of more than one group listed, you can only represent ONE of them, like your personal favorite. I, personally, will represent Glowing Embers. This is just a try-out list. Whoever we think won't make the cut and they don't it's obvious what happens to them...they won't be in. Unless they can pull themselves together before the start.

1) A phalanx of 5 judges will judege the following catagories:
-Best Review (Spelling, Grammer, how interesting it is, etc, etc.)
-Anime Walls
-General Walls
-Doujinshi (including vectors)
-Abstract Walls
Rule #6) No Mother Jokes
Rule #7) Only Constructive Critisism is allowed.
Rule #8) No ripping, leeching or that sort of thing or else you WILL be disqualified, making it harder for your team.
Rule #9) Support your team! If a team member is stuck on something help them make the deadline (deadline not yet determined)
Rule #10) 3 Rule Violations will have you kicked off your team.
Rule #11) If a teammate is booted off you can get another person but rememberber by the deadline you ALL have to have something.
(Note from toxic:Rule 11 will be discussed with the admins of glowing embers. I feel that if one member falls, that a replacement should not be allowed, therefore making the teams attempt to hold on strong. If a member is disqualified, they might not be allowed to receive a replacement.)

So far this is all that has been obtained and i do expect more^.^

This will be the permenant olympics discussion thread for now.

Post any concerns, suggestions, etc.

Thank you

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