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Hi Sheqel.

I've been reading all of the pages of this forum twice and didn't yet saw a report on this kind of issues. So here is a new thread. I hope this one will not annoy you more than you are actually with all the others feedbacks. But anyway, if you want to have a hand to handle it, I'll do.

My words are based regarding Acid2 :

As many of us know, if a browser can get the right image provided by the Acid2 test, it means that this browser is W3C compliant.

Since yesterday, Safari for Mac OS X is W3C compliant and succeed in the Acid2 test. Thanks to that, I think the following note on graphics issues regarding MT3 could be interesting.

I uploaded for now 8 images on my personnal website :

You'll see on each of them some red highlighted graphics problems. I think, looking at the MT CSSs, that the problem's coming from there where some elements seems to don't have the right properties.

Thus, if you want some Mac OS X users' feedback, I'll can give you some. I've also worked on website development for years now so I'll try to give a detailed feedback about the error code.

Just let me know. ^^

PS: I remembered but should try again anyway that in the few past days, editing images already uploaded didn't work because of wrong functions properties (imagejpeg2() or something like that) / unable to write in the destination folder due to bad permissions.
If you're still interested in this problem because never heard before I'll do a test in the coming days.






I don't own a mac nor have I got access to any mac computer, hence I cannot test Minitokyo on mac yet. Minitokyo 2 used tables for layout, which is easy to make look the same in all browsers, but a bad thing to do (tables should be used for tabular data, not layouts). Hence Minitokyo3 is tableless.

So if you can help me with the mac optimization, that would be great :) please send a PM.

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