Auto-switch artist on some series?

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Knight of Avalon


I have several Uta~Kata artwork, which are fanarts by the artist "Wave Ride". However, when I move the work to the Uta~Kata section, the artist is automatically changed to Keiji Gotoh. Gotoh isn't the artist of this work, it's Wave Ride's fanart. If this is a 'feature', it should be removed, not all Uta~Kata artwork is drawn by Gotoh, even if it's official (plenty of official artwork was illustrated by Megumi Kadonosono).

I have plenty of other examples as well. Such as Corrector Yui fanart by "Eyeball" being categorized under Kia Asamiya. Or Mahou Senshi Negima scans being placed under Ken Akamatsu. This is not always the case. For example, Kou Kawarajima and Satoshi Urushihara do plenty of artwork, some are their own, and some are renditions of other artists' work.

merged: 11-11-2005 ~ 02:23pm
Small update, but I can't change a recent upload of mine, a Lost Universe fanart by artist "Wave Ride" to the artist's section at all. I can move it out of the Lost Universe section, but the artist category remains blank no matter what.

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