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i'm still trying to learn the secrets of the trade in wallpaper artwork and photoshop maniulation.

i'm starting this thread in hopes that everyone can post their best advice here for someone trying to make artistic and unique wallpapers.

i feel completely uninformed. i've been working with photoshop for a while, but i make my wallpapers basically freehanding with the smudge tool and lasso, dodge & burn, and airbrush... i don't know all these secret techniques people are talking about. hell, i've looked at tutorials, and don't even know what they're taking about. anyone want to help me here? this could be a good place for newbies to learn small bits of diverse advice also.

what is your best advice for editing images for wallpaper usage? whether it has to do with cleaning your image, using brushes, balancing colour selections, creating backgrounds, etc... share your best advice here!

i'l begin with:

always use layers. you can never have too many layers - and label them properly so that they're easy to come back to. with layers, you can get very detailed and change the slightest aspect or colour or shade of the wallpaperone aspect of the wallpaper without ruining the rest. use the layers to experiment with different possibilities and ideas. don't forget to make sure each layer matches the eachother well. you don't want your wallpaper to look too cluttered.

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Your right,this would be a good place to learn things.!!!!

Sadly i dont have anything usefull to add, since im also a begginer.


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Regarding "sectrets of the trade" i'd suggest http://www.imanimetions.net/ , they have nice tutorials on how to extract characters from scans etc as well as how to make backdrops and such...

i myself often pick the scans that i can visualize as a cool looking background when i pick it, so i have an already decided template to work from in my mind, then i try to make it into reality by using the different tools or search the internet for reference images, it all depends on what i've come up with... I don't really have any "secret" techniques, i just have a vision and then i try to materialize it with whatever means necessary :)

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