Was this series depressing to watch?

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i havent seen the series, just the first episode. i think it's king of drawn out but it seems interesting. but if the end's something depressing like the wired takes over her body or something, i might not want to watch it.

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btw i mean serial experiments lain

  • Nov 12, 2005

Its an serious and little depressing depending on the person. I havent saw the entire serie becouse i didnt like it. I like the genre, but for me lain is too superifical. Aniway, i dont supose that she will finish like the end shows.
My opnion: give it a try.



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That does sound pretty depression to me.

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If you want to watch something really depressing, it would be...
...definitely >>>Saishuuheiki Kanojo<<< alias: She ~ the ultimate weapon ~
Some subbers made a warning after the very last episode that there would be the "good ending", and that all further episodes would bring pain, suffering and depression.
I'm not telling Saishuuheiki is bad. I think it's really awsome...but if you can't bear depressive things, you should definitely NOT watch this.

for everybody else this gets my recommendation.


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  • Nov 12, 2005


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I don't think Lain is as depressing as it is just sad. The decision she had to make in the end was one born of duty. It wasn't an ending in which everyone is happy and the ending and the images of Lain and what effect she has on people are unsettling. I think the series is a downer, but in a way that makes you think.

It's good because everyone needs to give their mind a work out every so often.

  • Apr 25, 2006

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