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A soul has many deep secrets


heeeeey that's the second part of my poem ^_^

A Struggle against IT

I looked up at the dark sky
and wished that someone was on my side
sitting, laughing, and talking to me
not to mention telling me how he feels
I wish that person said "I love you"
but who? who will that person be...who?
who will kiss me on my sad lips?
will it be a long everlasting kiss?
who will come and hug me when i'm sad?
i don't want them to be the friends i have
i want a boy, a male, my opposite sex!
i cried and lay there on my cold, blue bed
Darkness finally managed to say...
"why do you have to be stubborn this way?
i told you that its better to be alone
what is the thing that you need more?
Now obey alone and sad!
There is nothing you now have!
If you ever talk about love again,
i swear it will be of no avail
i will destroy you heart as i did before
to someone sad, you don't even know
i destroyed him and teared him apart
then i went to find a new sad heart
Finally i find it and it was you
you're the saddest person i've ever knew
i have never seen anyone as sad as you before
now be sad, before i make you whole body sore"
i cried out in pain and said "yes master"
then my heart started pounding a lot faster
i was so very close to die
is that a warning from darkness to cry?
i sighed and felt my face so wet
i then knew, that salty tears started to shred....

well? what do you think? ^_^ hope you liked it and that's just the beggining XD




Always getting the last laugh


woah talk about deep emotion in this one,.it was very good sad ^^,keep up the awlsome poems .


  • Nov 14, 2005

I like the poem alot. It is really great. ^_^

  • Nov 14, 2005
Cancel's really long!
not bad..

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Increadibly Cute


That is really good, one suggestion, break it up into stanza's please. When i first saw your poem, i didn't want to read it because it looked soo freaking huge. But I read it and it was very good.

As for the message, guys aren't as great as your picturing it. Yeah I know i am a guy
We tease, play dirty tricks, and can easily make your life worse without intending to.
But worry not, they're is a guy out there that will give that and much more. lol.

An eye for an eye brings justice, but it is compassion that changes a man.

Another point of view doesn't necessarily make yours more or less right.

  • Nov 22, 2005

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