Difference of Kira and Athrun in both GS and GSD?

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Do the friends change in Seed to Destiny?

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You know I think Kira and Athrun made several differences from Seed to Destiny. I'll start with Kira.

Seed of Kira
-He cries a lot
-He got too many problems
-He got too many girlfriends [I include Lacus, Fllay, Cagalli]
-He was hated by some people
-He got a lot of bad news in Seed
-He killed some people

Destiny of Kira
-He was too quiet
-He solved a lot of people's problems and meke new ones too. LOL.
-He only has a girlfriend.
-He was hated by LOADS of people.
-He got I think just itsy bitsy bad news in Destiny.
-He killed a person. Stellar.

Well, now is Athrun.

Seed of Athrun
-He was hot!
-He couldn't get any girls love him [Not including the ending]
-He won over Kira
-He fought along Cagalli
-His fiancee is Lacus

Destiny of Athrun
-He was damn hot! [Its a difference!]
-He was loved by four girls. LOL
-He was beated by Kira like hell
-He fought with Cagalli busy in Orb
-His 'fiancee' is Meer

Well, I guess its a good thing they changed a bit. But I didn't like some of the changement. Still, you can argue if I'm wrong. And you can add something extra in this thread if you know one. Even same people make a lot of differences after aging two years older. Wonder what it'll be to Athrun and Kira if they were older four years?


Add the following to both "Destiny" ver.

Kira: showed little to no emotional depth
Athrun: flake.

Yeah, they changed. But definitely not for the better.

  • Dec 06, 2005

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