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i find my ife to be a lot liek fruits basket or inother words tohrus o_0

merged: 11-17-2005 ~ 02:07am
wowe its cooleo

merged: 11-17-2005 ~ 02:15am
do you find you self in a situation as complicated as mine? my story is that i have to guy friends and i really liek them both but i dont know which guy i should go for

  • Nov 16, 2005





Wow thats tough...which guy do you like a tad more..? o.o

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i find that i am in a predicament somewhat like the Mayu x Hatori x Kana thing... ^_^'

(cept without the ending like in the manga...)

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yeah well i like josh more that simon but josh has a girlfriend and he hasnt made up his mind either

merged: 11-18-2005 ~ 12:47am
wow really tell me about it

  • Nov 17, 2005

i find myself as Momiji! all the versions of momiji! but i also resemble Kyoko cuz of my wise atitude

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  • Dec 02, 2005

ah man i can't stop thinking about all this spoilers i found out in 2 day and it too way exciting.i only read to vol 6 and i want more more more.ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.but i can't get hold of it.why can't some one scan a whole whole of FB in there website.

  • Jun 05, 2006

That`s cool, so which to you think you are more happier with? Who treat you better? why don`t you describe more about them?

  • Jun 06, 2006

Thats cool that you find yourself in an anime like situation! Tohru has a lot of guys going for her, maybe like you.


Uh...that's really not Tohru's story you know.
Unless you say you lost both your mom and dad and your starting to like a guy but don't want to loose your memory of your mom.

But I really don't agree with everyone who says Furuba has a big love triangle.
If there even was, it gets dropped pretty early on and in my opinion Tohru never liked Yuki like she does Kyo.

  • Jul 13, 2008

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