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i just wanted to have everyone write a their own poem or share a poem. i thought it be fun and intresting. i love poems but i kind a suck at writing them. so i just wanna see what others want to share or did themselves. don't be shy and share your poems. :D
also people can comment on the poems too. :)

this is a poem i wanna share with u. it's how i felt.
what do you think. (FYI i didn't rite it)
Thirteen is a very lucky age!
Happiness comes tumbling out the door
Instantly a-giggle with a friend,
Returning with the bounce of empty bliss.
There's no better ecstasy than this,
Even when the strange teen changes end,
Even when one finally knows the score.
No time of life's more bubbly than this stage.

"Don't tell us we don't have a clue because you are scared that the melody is in our veins. Don't tell us to stop chasing because you have no tour bus to follow. Don't tell us to stop dreaming because you realized you never took the time to fall in love with anything but yourself. Don't tell us we aren't serious because we will show you the brands on our skin. Don't tell us to grow up because you didn't have a silly orange CD to help you through your adolescence. And last but not least, Don't tell us we won't survive because we'll all tell you that...THE MUSIC LIVES."

  • Nov 19, 2005



Increadibly Cute


join the peotry-corner if you love poems so much. And don't worry if you suck at writting them, you'll get better if you write more of them. And you can always ask people for advise on how to improve.

Here is my old one which i like to show off every once in while

Roses are Red, Violets are blue
How long will this rhyme be abused?
Words of my affections
require no such rhyme.
So I say to my meant to be,
from the depths of the sea
to stars high above
the distance between them
will never compare to our love.

An eye for an eye brings justice, but it is compassion that changes a man.

Another point of view doesn't necessarily make yours more or less right.

  • Nov 19, 2005

erm...we're to share poems here? lol...ok, I got one I made..

Worthless Thrust

The feelings that has always sinned,
They are no longer the same,
Untold lies that you have forego,
To the very least of breaking my thrust,
Happiness reappears as a nightmare,
Everything, everyone can feel my sanity tear,
Unbreakable pieces now lying everywhere,
Bits of unhonored thrust crumbled through your hands,
Is now lost as life's remains....

My Newest Submission:Curse Of The Prosperity God

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