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Hello members of Love-to-Stars!

After many weeks of planning, we have decided to host a wallpaper contest. We have also invited the group Celestia
to join us in this competition but they have not replied. So we have opened the contest to everyone in MT. You don't have to be a member of Love-to-Stars to join this contest! Here are some rules for the contest:

1. The most important rule: The wallpaper submitted is required to have at least 25% of the wall to be a space scene.
2. A member may submit as many wallpapers as they like but can only submit one that has already been posted. If it is a bit confusing, let me explain...If you already have a few wallpapers in your MT gallery that can qualify for this contest, you may only submit one of them. However, you may submit as many qualified wallpapers as you want if they have not been posted on MT yet.
3. There will be no complaints about how the wallpapers are judged. The criteria for judging is below.
4. All wallpapers submitted must abide with the rules of the Minitokyo's Submission Policy .
5. The contest is open between November 21 to December 21. All entries must be received by Dec 21 at 11:59:59pm Eastern Pacific time.

And here is how the judges of this contest will judge it:

Effort: Did you take the time to make it or did you put it together without giving it some thought?
Creativity: The less cliches, the better.
Appearance: If you choose to use cliches, then make it look good!
Colour coordination: Is it colour coordinated or are the colours random?
Theme: Does your scan fit your background?

All the categories above will be ranked from 1 to 10(10 being the highest score). All the judges will rate each wallpaper and the points will be tallied. The top scorer will win the contest.

Please send all entries to hongrboi AND/OR Andulien including a link to your submission(s). A tally of the submissions will be updated on the front page. If you don't see it there within a 3 days, PM hongrboi or Andulien again. Since all members of MT are welcomed to join, please invite all your friends to join ^^

Oh yeah, The best part is the prize! The winner will receive Mod status for the group as well as something else as a bonus!

Any questions about the contest can be PMed to Andulien or hongrboi.

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alrite people we know theres some great wallpaperers out there,and i know a couple,so comee onnnnn and lets see what ya got,alsoooo there will be a prize given by me ,and if thats not good enough,your wall will be displayed,so heck why not enter,you got nothing to lose BUT lots ta gain ^_-


  • Nov 21, 2005

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