Boy's and Girl's lips....

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Teehee! I know the subject sounds a bit in sexuality. But trust me its clean1

Boy's lips...
Of course some girls dream about those lips. But some girl hated that lips. Because boys have lotsa lips.
1- When they talk to their mother
a- Its a bit kind also a bit aggresive cuz boys wanted they're mother to know, "I have grown up, mom".
b- Kinda have low and sorrow tone when they're mother babble. They may
c- I don't call sweet but a hint of caring inside, teasing? Saying yes? It still has a different tone from any other person a boy has spoken to, and the difference is which I said, a hint of caring.

2- When they talk to a girl they like or their girlfriends.
a- A sweet tone and a hint of careful everywhere because a he always have a fearful of losing a girl.
b- A teasful and playful voice because it usually cheer a girl when they're sad.
c- A he would never ever raise his voice to his girl. [besides having problems]

3- A friend [boy]
a- Always say something in a tough tone because its the masculine hormone when being with other masculine [I do not include gay]
b- Hints of playful everywhere as boys doesn'y act serious with their friends.
c- Their lips will commit a very high tone of laughter everytime they saw each other.

4- A friend [girl]
a- Everything is in tough tone as sometimes boys also see girls as rivals.
b- They will never whisper to a girl.
c- No low tones and only high tones.

5- A father
a- Say everything in an aggresive but low tone. It is because each son wanted their father having a faith in them to be a man.
b- They will never use high tones as a father is the one that they'll respect.
c- A relax voice used. Thats why they always say 'father and son' conversation.
A voice of friendship is heard in every conversation.

Thats a guy. A girl has different tones.

A girls lips. I'd say a girls lips is sweet and glossy for a boy to kiss. Thats why most of girl's tone are sweet and we cannot make much differences as they all are in same tones.
1- When they talk to thir mother
Sweet, kind, hint of friendship and caring describes it.

2- When they talk to a boy that they like or their boyfriends.
Only a line would do it. Sweet, cherish, loving and thankful.

3- A friend [girl]
Laughing and having fun. They have a happy tone when they're with their girlfriends.

4- A friend [boy]
The tough voice is out. Girls always wanted to be strong in front of boys.

5- A Father
A very sweet, small voice. A girl is always sweet to their daddy. Sweeter than to other peoplw.

The conclusion is boys have more tones than girls while girls felt like the same tone all the time.


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Double thread creation: Boy's and Girl's lips....


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