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really old but something like original 1 by Zhalfirin





Charatouille or Bust


Something like her

Without colors (yeah, I'm not that great at drawing with a mouse) and original pencils

Did that pic last year (at the end of February). By the way, her name is Sumire (hence the kanji)... so yeah, here she is. :sweat:

According to my calculations, your problem doesn't exist.

Oh, and mostly anti-celeb/anti-Hollywood/anti-commercial since 1978





I actually have a lot from our school manga...
Here's my favorite:

Name: Rei, Kage
Gender: male
Age 15-16
Occupation: student, shinobi
Hair: short, black
Eyes: dark black
Clothes: gray waist-long kimono with black borders,
gray pants, black kunai holster on the right leg, gray opened knee-long kimono
as overwear, dark gray obi with a black crescent-shaped netsuke, and
black steel plated boots the plates are on the outside),
he wore a black assassin mask in the first few chapters

Special Abilities: elemental ninjutsu (fire, water, earth, wind,
thunder, ice, metal, wood, light, dark)
elemental jutsu not requiring any chakra,

Like several anime characters(Hihei and Mido, Ban, etc.) he has
Jagan that allows him enhanced vision, the abiliteis or one-tomoe Sharingan,
and cast genjutsu on eye contact.

When in dark mode, his hair turns white and his eyes automatically go into Jagan state.

. /l、
゙(゚、 。 7 nyan~
 l、゙ ~ヽ
 じしf_, )ノ



Name: Hikaru Ryuga
Occupation:Student, Demon Killer
Hair: Black
Eyes: Crimson Red
Clothes: Ordinary Student Clothes, Wears a blue jacket, black jeans and black converse shoes. Wears a red gauntlet in battle in his arms.

Special abilites:
Flame slash
Double Flame slash

Element: Dark Flame.

  • Jun 02, 2008

I have a couple
Hair: Brown and very messy
Eyes: brown
Characteristics:hes Tall , broad shoulders , Skateboarder, and layed back, funny and sweet

shirt:brown t-shirt w/ logo says I must be lying in yellow
pants: soft grey straight legs
skin color: softly tan
special item: guitar

Skin: white skin color(like the anime all the pretty anime girls have
Hair: brown hair with burgandy streaks
Eyes: brown
Characteristics:tall(5'6) goofy, energetic, loves to dress in a skater emo tye of way and loves to have friends
shirt:black with the silver word Volcom
pants: grey strait legs
skin color: softly tan
special item: blue sweat jacket(nots zipped)
That would be it thank you!
sincerly Tifa

merged: 06-12-2008 ~ 08:02am
I have a couple
Hair: Brown and very messy
Eyes: brown
Characteristics:hes Tall , broad shoulders , Skateboarder, and layed back, funny and sweet

shirt:brown t-shirt w/ logo says I must be lying in yellow
pants: soft grey straight legs
skin color: softly tan
special item: guitar

Skin: white skin color(like the anime all the pretty anime girls have
Hair: brown hair with burgandy streaks
Eyes: brown
Characteristics:tall(5'6) goofy, energetic, loves to dress in a skater emo tye of way and loves to have friends
shirt:black with the silver word Volcom
pants: grey strait legs

  • Jun 11, 2008

Kimi-Shime-Chan just a tad freaky

Cancel not sure what im supposed to do here,cause im new(*laughs nervously*)....but...uh...if this is to discribe my own anime character...ill give it a shot...

Name:Fox Himinairoshi
Hair:Silver with black tips
Eye Color:Blood Red
Skin Color:White but not pale(he doesnt like the sun)
Clothes:Wears one long sleeve green shirt under a red short sleeve t-shirt,likes to wear sunglasses and, like his name,hes half fox,so he has red colored fox ears and....hes no ordinary fox,he has nine red fox tales
Shoes:Ninja style,blue sandals
Accessories:Red Chakra Necklace
Personality:Hard headed,never backs down from a fight,doesnt eat ANYTHING he didnt see being cooked,even though a demon,hes extremly loyal towards his friends,doesnt belive in love(but he will soon enough),cool and calm,but when hes annoyed by his younger brother he gets into a complete and utter rage and hes kind towards a girl named Natsume wich is the only person that cooks for him cause he gets to see what she cooked,how she did it and what she put in it(but hes a-always smiling and talking to her kind,hes a-never scream at her,never show anger or disapointmen in her and always have pationce with her kind)(P.S.Natsume knows he doesnt belive in love but she has a HUGE crush on him)
Powers:Every single type of fire jutsu that are extremly,hugely powerful!Like the fire tornado~coooool~
Weapon:An unbreakable,Crystal sword that could kill anyone or anything and its espacially made for Foxss fire type jutsus
Occupation:Shinigami,also known as a death god,but hes been wonderring around earth for "entertainment" with his younger brother who is also a shinigami,Gentei Himinairoshi
Love Interest:Even though he might not understand the feelings he feels for Natsume right now,but deep down hw truly DOES love Natsume Sokayma
Family:none,killed by hes supposell best friend Kentaru Nikarome when he was 12 and Gentei was 9,thats why he doesnt trust anyone with eass

Well,it took me 2 hours and 47 minutes.....but WHOA!THAT WAS FUN!Making new characters are really fun!.....s-sorry i got over u like what i did....and....if u can,i mean...i dont want to be a bother or anything...but...only if u WANT to...can u help me out with this hole minitokyo membership thing....c-cause im really lost(anime sweat drop).....hehehe...(*fidget fidget*)....

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  • Jun 12, 2008

how do u visualize 'em

  • Jun 16, 2008

name: Siko nakuraga
Sex: male
Hair: long, spiky, blue like the midnight sky
Clothes: long grey trenchcoat, black jeans,and sunglasses
Shoes: black with dark blue soles
Acessories: a cross necklace, and a long black bandana
Weapon: an enchanted sword
Wings: yes blood red wings
Gun?: yes the sword can be used as one
race: demon/human
occupation:collage student
Job: demon slayer
likes: girls that know how to fight for themselves
dislikes: demons that get in the way of his goal
goal: to protect and save the world from demons from the outer realm
date life: single
this is him

merged: 07-07-2008 ~ 06:26pm
my anime guy
sorry it didnt work before here he is

merged: 07-07-2008 ~ 06:29pm

so sorry just figured it out here he is


  • Jul 07, 2008



~*Luka Megurine*~


wow did you darw it by your self?
It's pretty well done! XD

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Abomidable Snow-Woman


A very old thread revived. But just for the record, that picture is of some dude from Star Ocean. The second one I think. I forgot his name.. I believe it was something along the lines of Skye


Age: 10 or 11
name: Tsagomie Rengade (Tsa for short)
hair: about 6 or 7 inches ,lightish brown hair with blond highlights
eyes: light blue with a hint of yellow
skin: white and soft
clothes: dark red and black plaid skirts (mini) with lace underneath and black and white short sleeved polo shirts
personality: kind, yet fiercely mean
occupation: schoolgirl
secret occupation: spirit vampire (spiritual powers, and a vampire)
story plot: on a mission to save her secret coven, she meets Elliot, a spirit drainer, and falls in love, but Elliot is trouble
powers: healing, able to create a rush of blood through a persons body, paralyzing them
weapons: the spirit scythe, and Japanese chain knives

she is extremely complex, of course HEHEHE!

  • Jul 07, 2008

ty i posted it on rpg fan the seemed to like my pic lol btw email me at if u have any questions about how to draw manga

merged: 07-08-2008 ~ 11:23am
i edited him and did not put sunglasses on


  • Jul 08, 2008



Inside the Darkness


Name: Hashmal Maximillian
Sex: Male
Hair: Long and silver
Clothes: White mantle with a black pentagram, white shirt, white pants with black stripes.
Accessories: Pendant with a pentagram of diamonds
Special Powers: It is capable to cross dimensions, to control all the elements and to invoke the sky and the hell.
Race: Half elfo with human being
Weapon: 2 chains. One with crosses in the tips and swords in the other chain.

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  • Jul 08, 2008

I have two. This one is from a character from my anime, Akane Springs.
Name: Kanon, Matsuda
Sex: Female
Age: 16
Hair: Silver, to middle of back
Eyes: Blue
Personality: Clumsy
Hobbies: Kendo( though failing) and reading
Pet: Rairakku( bird)
Clothes: White T-shirt, denim jacket, blue knee-length skirt, black shoes, glasses

This one is a character I just randomly made up. His manga is called Red and Blue: The War of the Yamota Clan.
Name: Gin Yamota
Sex: Male
Hair: White, down to waist
Eyes: Gray
Age: 682
Status: Immortal
Personality: Peaceful, Secretive
Nickname: Moon Dancer
Family: Mother, Father, Sister( all deceased)
Love Interest: Riika Nigasa( deceased, killed by Mirai General), 666 years later, Lena Rashine
Weapon: Small blade shaped as boomerang
Past: He is the third of the cursed Yamota. His curse was discovered by Yaato Higarashi, Riika's killer. Apparently, the curse had a side effect. If extremely upset, the curse will unleash its full potential. Everything in its path, except the strongest, will perish. To prevent it from happenning again, he ran away and trained to control its power. Centuries later, he returned, swearing to kill the leader of the Higarashi. Gin quickly made it to the level of the strongest warriors. His only mission is to kill Hita Higarashi and defeat God so no one else can have the curse, no one to go through the pain he had to.

Pretty good, right? Its kinda sad though. Actually, he loses to Higarashi who tells him that a monster him can never be loved or find a place in the world. He is about to be killed when Lena runs up, crying, and slaps him saying he was wrong and that Gin couldn't choose to be mortal. He also doesn't defeat God. The
just sit there for a month, yelling at and correcting each other. In the end he sacrifices his life to remove the curse and God uses Lena's tears to revive him. THE END
( I'm telling you this because Red and Blue will never be published)

  • Jul 08, 2008

Name- Julia
Sex- Female
Hair- Straight and dirty blond
Eyes- Icy Blue
Likes- Her people, Ninjas
Dislikes- Being pushed around, when people say "who cares"
Occupation- Skater Ninja

Personality- Can be positive, shy, or short-tempered
Weapons- Keyblade, shuriken, skateboard
Super powers- lightning and can attract and repel things
Clothes- Fushia shirt with denim jacket, sparkly jeans, light blue boston red sox cap backwards, black and white checkered wristband on right hand, blue braclet on left hand, and vans pink and black checkered slip ons that allow her to run 760 mph and move like sonic the hedgehog

Relationships- 5th grade science teacher, two bffs, and her little "adopted" cousins

  • Jul 20, 2008



love hurts so much!


this girl named Suki has great strength but she doesnt know about it the only way to turn into her real self is to find this boy then her true identity will be shown. she will have long hair, blue eyes, her clothes would be a kimono with red flowers.

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ths is my main character
Hair:dark-blue hair reaches shoulder
Clothes:black chaleco and blck pants w/ whte Tshirt
Accessories:pocket watch,an earing and a"bling bling"
skills:sword specialist(also uses 2 swords)

well I have 4 other characters but I still not have a story yet.

  • Jul 25, 2008

OK so i creat anime stories like all day so ill give you one of my favorite characters, iv'e come up with.

Eyes - his "iris" is black with a pale blue ring around it
Age-. although his current body is in its early twenties- grayson himself has lived to see over four centuries.
Figure-his current host body is slim but toned, about 5'9" and weighs 160lbs
Likes-reading absolutley anything, over his vast life time he has read tomes full of literature and he remembers all that he reads. while on the other hand he also like celebreality, myspace and his iPhone
Dislikes-there isnt much Grayson dislikes in the living world other than country music, late pizza deliveries, and brittneis 2007 VMA performance. but in the land of the dead he hates the entire hierarchy.
Clothes-when in hiding he dresses casual but when in battle he wears assasin quality clothes with the black flexible material with this armor plating like a sharks skin. and light weight armor pads, somewhat resembling anbu suit from naruto.
Pets-Fuast, a huge silver wolf dog, with a spikey looking red meine .grayson could ride the dog if he wanted since he is so big, faust is an extremly friendly dog but also a feirce combatant. he weilds with his tail and between his teeth the sythe of a powerful reaper grayson once defeated.
Personality-although you would expect someone with a resume like his to be stricted and stern but its the excact opposite, grayson is more like a slacker who's had centuries to complete his works thanx to his late masters findings . since to like to read, has a hyper photographic memory, and a knack for the dark arts. he's very laid back, he has a great ssense of humor and is actually really kind.
Weapons-Libre de Morte "book of death", sythe he sometimes takes from faust
Powers-Grayson is a necro mancer.when he has time he will sometimes use a spell from the Libre De Morte but in a more fast pase battle he sometimes uses skeletones to fight for him, setting up intracite traps, he use basic elemental magic and can also summon spirits whome he's made a pact with to due his bidding, but when the gloves really come of graysone uses his "TRUE BODY FORM" to fight were he becomes a warrior with skeletal themed "but light" armor and a black aura around him. and the ability to use much more powerful black magic versions of his elemntal abilities. he also takes the sythe from faust in this form.

Backstory- SO checkit Grayson was the apprentice of a necromancer in a celtic tribe hundreds of years ago. upon his deathbed his master discovered the secret to eternal youth by using bodies of the recently departed and transferring your soul into them. but was too weak to carry it out. he warned Grayson to become a skilled combatant if he were to decide to use this methode because he could still be killed by mortal wound or aillment. and the hierarchy in the world of death would send reapers to kill him if he cheated death in such a way. so grayson did, he became the most skilled necromancer who ever lived. known throught the world of the dead, although he was still living. eventually the hierarchy waged an all out war on grayson but after many bloody battles and faliures they decided to focus on other problems. that was until grayson created the ultimate host body. using body parts from variouse blessed of cursed people around the world grayson created a divine body that could even harbor the soul of a god with many forbidden powers. if grayson were to use this body he could enter the realm of the dead and return however/whenever he pleases. but the hierarchy was one step ahead of him. they confiscated the body in an intracte trap that cost alot of planning, time to execute, and lives. know nearly a hundred years later grayson has been living peacfullyy until the hierachy called upon him for help. there leader charon "the ferrymen of the river stix" has been assassinated and the fabric between life and death has been warped. the only way to fix this problem would be for grayson to agree to use the humunculous bosyhe created, for charon and bind the soul with it since he's the only one who can do that. although he dosent like the idea of saving his arch nemisis, he dosent have much of a choice since the life/death stream has become so corrupted people in the world of the living have begun dying for no reasone and living when the should be dead. as a reward for his participation hese granted the temporary ability to cross the threshhold of the two worlds. but it wont be easy there are some people high up in the hierarchy and even outside the realm of the dead that dont want to see charon return, so now teamed up with charons son, Rowen, a skilled warrior armed with his fathers mystic oar, and the ability to manipulate the poisonous water of the river styx, kedall the temporarily animated body that grayson created many years ago, and his dog Faust weilding the sythe of a reaper. grayson will stop at nothing to fix the balance of life and death, defeat the onslaught of enemies headed there way and unravel the mystery in the land of the dead of who killed charon and why.

  • Oct 25, 2008

sex: female

merged: 10-25-2008 ~ 07:55pm
Name: lacus clyne
Sex: Female
Age: 16
hair: pink, long
Eyes: Blue
Clothes: Use different kinds of clothes but the more I like is that it is in style ninja
Skills: singing, fly the eternal
haceb mad when you activate your sense SEED which possess all the coordinators.

  • Oct 25, 2008



Leaf Village Shinobi


ok here goes
Hair:Dark Blue
Hair Style:Short kinda messy
Eyes:Ice Blue
Skin:Light Tan
Clothes: simple white shirt and pants
Shoes: no shoes
Accessories: Cross Necklace, Bandages on neck
Special Powers: Healing Kiss can't heal himself tho :(
Personality:Sad doesnt smile much kinda Emo you could call him
Species:I'm not sure I just know he has a pair of Broken Wings making him not human.
Color of Wings:Dark Blue like his hair

Thats my char Kumori whatya think? :D
don't anyone take him from me he's Miiiiine!

oh I forgot A few things another accesory is a Ruby Ring and also he loves Butterflies

merged: 11-03-2008 ~ 03:35am

Quote by melymayA very old thread revived. But just for the record, that picture is of some dude from Star Ocean. The second one I think. I forgot his name.. I believe it was something along the lines of Skye

Thats Fate Leingod from Star Ocean 3 Till The End of Time I know him quite well.

  • Nov 03, 2008

Name: Sigurd
Sex: Male
Age: 20
Hair: Brown, short haired
Clothes: Sleeveless shirt, blue jeans, jacket
Eye colour: Yellow
Occupation: Unemployed^^
Speciality: Breaker, contract with Jormungand

Name: Marlene
Sex: Female
Age: 20
Hair: Short haired, black
Clothes: T-shirts, short pants, jacket
Eye colour: Black
Occupation: Traveler
Speciality: Breaker, contract with Cerberus

They are main character from 'Jormungand'. Chara design almost finish, next for storyline.

  • Nov 04, 2008

Clothes:Red T-Shirt, Red Pants
Accessories:Red Sword Necklace, Chip Slot Bracelet
Powers:Able to create different element weapons with chips(basic is fire buster attached to left arm and wind sword attached to right arm

  • Apr 25, 2009





sex: Male
Hair: large spikes, going every direction, and 6 pieces over his eye.
hair color: silver
clothes: large black cloak
eye color: red
shoes: you cant see them
accessories: black hand-wraps
special powers: all basic elements, and learning fast
weapons: a long, cone shaped sword, it curves up.

no more so i wont be copy written, because he is in my book im writing. not giving out the name, afraid of getting copywritten.

my heart is locked, thorns forced out of it, and a rose growing out of it.
locked from hatred
thorns from cheating
rose from loneliness

  • May 03, 2009

Name: Zeno( In Japanese the n is mostly silent so it sounds like Zeo)Ze-o

Sex: Male

Age: 6

Hair: Silver,Short

Eye: Blue/Purple

Skin Tone: White but not pure white

Clothes: (Noble like) light blue long sleeve jacket,short, and shoes, white shirt and bow(big type that hangs down)

Accessories: most of the time wears reading glasses

Skills: Everything,plays piano

Personality: Cute,Kind,Caring,Cool,Sometimes reckless like in challenges,Can get people annoyed,Powerful,Can be Serious,Loves to tease people,Likes tea,Reads books,Can be playful,A genius,Can get annoyed himself,Plus could snap by getting annoyed greatly or by certain words(midget,pipsqueak or any other insulting ones)

Ability: Martial art and any different kinds of weapons

Power: Has a type of vision to see faraway (can tell when eyes turn red)

Family: Royal (grandmother and grandfather are the king and queen)

Siblings/Cousins: 4 siblings(a twin) has many cousins

That's about it ^_^ He is also considered a talented child out of the other children in the royal family so all adults respect him and wishes him to aim higher. I'm sorry if I put to much on the personality. But please people do not steal this idea! ZENO IS MINE FOREVER!

  • Dec 05, 2009

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