what happened next in Tenjo tenge ?

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ei guys for those who's been reading tenjo tenge,
can you please update me on whats happening? pls i beg you...
from what i can remember, the last chapter that ive read was the time where maya went back from training in some mountain with the mother of nagi... pls
guys tell me what happened next.. :) :) :) :) :) :) :)

  • Nov 29, 2005

lesse, i read this a while ago so my summary might be wrong. There's a fight for the chip between the F group and that school... nagi is in the custody of F. The water guy rescues nagi because he wants his powers back but then they were gonna fight but maya showed up with mutsomi and they kill the boss. well mutsomi kills the boss and nagi gets captured back by F. That's as far as i read up to... and i know it's probably all over the place... but yea... that's what i remember lol

  • Nov 29, 2005



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are you sure you want spoilers?

you should edit the title and add a spoilers tag

actually up to that episode is this arranged in chronological order:

Nagi and Aya and the alien dude when up to the mountains and met up with the F bunch with the guy who is always covered with scarfs.
turns out he a martial artists and a scientist who is looking for the chip. and he can manipulate 6 robotic arms at his back.

after a real huge fight, he unleashes his "dragon gate" and then we can see that he is one of the family too.

he loses out to Nagi as he went berserk on him, lucky is that Nagi mum came and save him but sacrificed her arm, Nagi came back and sent her to hospital.

then F boss appeared, turns out seemingly to be the husband of Nagi's mum, meaning it is his dad.

has a few real powerful helper including a mind controller, he plotted a step by step plan to capture all members of the entire family from each branch and gather them here.

he then let the mindcontroller control Nagi and make him use his dragon gate powers to fight and absorb all the powers from other family members.

what is apparent now is that Nagi's dad wants to create a "Shin Bu" the true warrior by merging all powers into his son, who has a dragon gate power "dragon fist" that can absorb all powers that he defeated.

(this can be referenced to the fight with the eight arms dude, where he used the water sling shot skill by another member of the family from F)

Nagi meets up with a girl from a small branched family and fought her unwillingly, and then,absorbing her powers.

(note: this chapter is a little hentai, cause the girl made an appearance wearing nothing but the upperpart of a chinese cheongsam, and she is naked with her pubic hair showing ^_^ hehehehehe Hint Hint Fap power)

They plan a route to escape, but were caught by the members of F...(continue on new book)

Meanwhile, revealed is that Mitsuoni appears to be against F instead of creating them, there could be a conspiracy as revealed that he is just a pawn for F.

What happens next is should be in book 15

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continuing from above, maya fought the other member of F when they were confronted during their escape, his family clan use to eat iron , apparently explaining his monstrous strength , this was a great fight since maya got beaten up so badly and made a great comeback, finally awakening reiki (the sword) in the process of defeating him. Mitsoumi makes an entrance and easily beheads nagis father and the party escapes the liar nagi was being held

however it doesnt end their as reiki uses aya's dragon eye to show her the history of the natsume family ( going back a thousand years back to the edo period) During this long flash back (similar to the one when shin was alive ), it showeed the lives of nagis ancestor (who looks like a child version of nagi in dragon gate), ayas ancestory who apparently is an illusion specialist as well as other cool characters. during the flashback however it showed nagis father in that same period, and it was the exact same man , which aludes to the fact that nagis father is indeed immortal and mitsoumi hasnt suceeded in killing him.

I havent read anymore , but i got some more recently and plan to read em after exams if anything interesting happens il post later

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o couple more things were left out from the previous post as well. Like the fact that bob fought a member from F , a very cool blade master (who uses a blade like rengi from bleach ), as well as several other swords o and she s a little girl at most 13, which makes it all the more cool. Bob did amazingly well against this girl, his body was moving in a way he never imagined (formin a connection between dance and music) and it actually showed that bob indeed has great potential and switched the focus away from nagi and maya for a while.

also there is masataka (mitsoumis brother) it was revealed that he may actually be the true warrior and not mitsoumi, this was shown when he fought a resurrected fu chien (the guy who shin continuosly beat and decapitated , it was so bad that he was now a cyborg or like a robot) even though his power was greta masataka managed to defeat him convincedly and it showed that masataka might be more powerful than anyone anticipated

o and this happened before my above comment just taught id add that in :)

  • Dec 17, 2006

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