Junk food... What is it all about?

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Junk food....

We know that junk food is not only popular in kids category but also adults. Hey, even my granma still eat junk food. The say its a bad meal. But I say its a good desert! I might be crashed by saying that but hey, look on the positive site, if you don't eat much junk food, it wil only be a desert on your day. But warning! If you are addicted, stop eating those junkies!

Of course, many women said junk food makes you fat. Many girls said its bad for your healthy and yeah, fat! But again, thats if you eat like hell. Junk food wasn't that bad if you eat it not 5 times a day. Maybe 3 times a week wasn't that bad.

Warning! Junk food gives a knock on your brain so when exams are near, don't dare to touch one. Its the same thing to fast food... But here is junkies section.

One moral from me, you can eat junk food but you must not be addicted to it! It can be drug once you are addicted.

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