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Hello, my friends & all who likes Sazan eyes! :)
First of all I'd like to explain: this thread is made to find out how many anime, based on Sazan Eyes, exist. In order to do it successfully I'll post the information I have & ask some questions ^_^'

OVA 1 "Sazan Eyes" ("3x3 Eyes") - 1-3 series, 1991
ova 2 "Sazan Eyes: Seima Densetsu" ("3x3 Eyes: The Legend Of The Divine Demon") - 1-4 series, 1996

hm, do TV series exist? I think they must! The evidence is these screenshots, found in I-net:




I know they are not from any of mentioned OVAs. Their style reminds openings or endings in tv series about 1999-2001 years. Unfortunately the site address where these screenshots are from is lost. No one i-net shop has such item. But i'm shure Sazan Eyes tv exists or is in production now.

So if you hav some information it would be nice of you to post it here. :)

P.S. You can find a poster (or something like this) here:
Could anybody translate it? it may be useful. I hope :sweat:
Thank you!


To my knowledge there is no tv series, only the OVA that you mentioned. However if that isn't enough 3x3 eyes to tickle you tastebuds try out the manga, I think they have up to 30ish volumes already out... and iirc it's still on going... so yea try that out :)

BTW 3x3 eyes was one of my first anime, kinda started it all... anyways good series :D

edit: I'm pretty sure that last picture (poster one) is from the second OVA set... the one with 4 eps. The guy in the back looks like the bad guy...

  • Dec 07, 2005

Quote by Zettai-Yaddaedit: I'm pretty sure that last picture (poster one) is from the second OVA set... the one with 4 eps. The guy in the back looks like the bad guy...

but look at the left down corner (next to Yakomo). That guy is from manga (can't recollect his name) & doesn't take part in OVAs.

And what do you think about screenshots? Any ideas?


Well honestly, I watched this series really long ago and can't even remember the plot so remembering the faces is even harder. I read the manga a couple years ago too, so very vague on the details on those too. Hmmmm if there is a tv series tho, i'd like to see it :P

So basically, i can't confirm my story or disprove yours. Although i'm hoping you're right :P

  • Dec 08, 2005

im not sure if it was a series or a ova i watched it was awhile back when i watched it but i remember it being 3 videos long but it could have been 3 movies D:

  • Apr 19, 2009

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