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First thread ever created, so here goes. I've read the manga and I've seen the anime, and to be honest with you, I thought the manga was better and the animation could stand with a little improvement. (I would submit a review for Aishiteruze Baby, but I'm too lazy.) One of the key components I thought was left out of the anime and changed a little was the trip where Kippei and Kokoro finally profess their love to each other and do it. The other major difference that bugged me was the unfinished ending of the anime because we never know if Yuzuyu ever goes home or not whereas the manga, we are given a glimpse into the future where Kippei and Kokoro are much older (married most likely) and Yuzuyu well into her teens. If the anime had this, it would have been better, ne?

  • Dec 25, 2005

I totally agree with you, im currently reading the manga after i saw the anime and that bugged me too! If peolpe like the anime they should tottaly read the manga for it's wonderfull ending XD

  • Jan 27, 2009


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Don't bump 3 year old threads.

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