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Hi it's me again (go back like 5 pages from this page and read my "Revenge for a Lover" post to understand what's going on).

Well for the people that read my post, i did break up with my girlfriend on Monday, 3 days ago. I told her that when she cheated on me the last time, I knew that i wasnt going to heal and that our love was over, however i still want to be friends and hang out. I also told her some other obscure reaons [for breaking up] that arent important for you people to know. So we broke up, and we hugged and she cried a little, but everything seemed to be ok. So then im relieved that its over because i had been tumbling around my options for awhile now and i knew that i needed to end it, but i was a coward and didnt because i had never dumped anyone before.
So anyway, i find out that the reason she was ok with the break up is because she was already having feelings for someone else! I cant believe it, i mean 1 year and 3 months of laughs and good romantic times and shes already over me and getting close with someone! And it's not like shes a slut or something, im very picky when it comes to dating because i look for someone who can be my friend and lover. so i go to school 2 days after breakup, which is yesterday (weds) and shes hugging this kid and they are giving me wierd looks like they expect me to lash out and beat the shit out of this kid. and i know this kid, hes a good guy and i like him and what not, but the looks they have given me kind of portray a "sorry man, but i really want to f**k him/her." So i dont know what to do, how can someone be so inssensitive to a situation like this? i mean, im sick, im stressed out, my hearts broken, and this has been the worst january of my life, and she just goes off and starts to form another relationship! So what should i do? The only thing i have planned so far is just to talk to her and ask whats up. how can she do this to me?
please leave any comments or questions or remarks or what ever.

oh i also want to say that i dont want to be mean to her or anything, i still would like to be friends, but the way she is handling this is starting to make me wonder.

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heres the link to the post, if it works: Revenge for a Lover

  • Jan 19, 2006



"The Hedgehog's Dilemma"


Wow! well, let me tell you that, by what you say, she's a B***h! I think that she's trying to piss you off and you shouldnt play that game. dont give her the satisfaction. the other guy seems not to hav the fault and i think you shouldnt do nothing to him. just forget about that girl. she seems to be worthless.

anyway, its just an opinion! ^_^'

Thank you Farewell, My Master.
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The Cheerful Person


I agree with Kabura! *hugs Kabura* I do apologize for the PDA! ^__^

Anyways, like I said in your other thread, ALWAYS LOVE YOURSELF FIRST.

If you want to know why she's acting the way she does, then ask her. You don't have to be mean or anything if the answer she gives in your opinion is satifactory. However, if she's making up excuses, says comments to put you down, then she's a F**K**G B**CH! (I apologize for my language.) She's not even worth moping over.

Oh, if someone gives you weird looks, GLARE BACK!

There's other girls out there. You'll meet a better one, since you're picky! ^__^

Cheer up and live life!

  • Jan 22, 2006


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