How many languages can you speak?

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i'm assuming we're all considering idioms as the regional speech/dialect?
i could do yankee, bristolian, canadian, received pronounciation(posh/queen's) english; parisien and quebecois french, castillian spanish, broken taglish (haha), japanese from anime, working on sicilian italian and latin, portuguese, and swiss german

I would have to say english. Spanish might... took 4 years of it. Mandarin Chinese and Taiwanese I can speak too.

I can speak English (doh!), Finnish, Vietnamese, Little Swedish, little German, and some Frech words



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my native language is bosnian :) i am learning french and i know english pretty well ;) can't get into AP english without it

Spanish, English, little Italian and little Quechua.

Portuguese, English and some Spanish.

Native: Mandarin and English.
Studying: Latin
Used to study: Spanish
Know a little bit but can't understand fluent speakers: Thai, Polish, Korean, Italian, Japanese
Wants to learn: everything. -_-;; but my brain isn't big enough.

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i can speak 2 languages first one is romanian that is my origin language and english

i can speak 2 and a halve

Pilipino, English, Japanese, and very very little Spanish. I also know some German and French words.

I speak spanish, and some english but I am learning it now.

i know how to a few of the china's languages, not chinese, like hakka, seiyap and stuff, if u know what i mean. my mom's hakka and my dad's seiyap. and i can speak english, mandarin, malay. thts about it. learning japanese.



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I know some chinese ones,mostly English anyway,oh malay as well.Japanese,well...I learn the language but I'm not sure if I know any idioms,maybe I know one or maybe two but not many.

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i can speak english, mandarin, malay, cantonese and hakka.. hmm.. i wan to learn japanese as soon as possible! after that.. mayb i'll learn some other language..

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ROmanian cause I'm romanian
English of course


Lating. they made me learn it sing 7th grade

And I'm actually triyng to learn a bit of indian

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English, Italian, french, Arabic but my main is Maltese

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(Arabic , French) Berber, Spanish, English.


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My mother tongue is german. I can speak english then a little bit french and spanish (learned it in school loooong time ago lol)
Learned a few words in hungarian, italian and japanese.

I speak only English but I want to learn French

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