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Demon Diary is a manga that I've only got one volumn of right now, but I read the first volumn or rather the first chapter type story and nearly laughed myself silly from it. The one who is training to be a demon lord is named Raenef, and his teacher is named Eclipse. Heh, Raenef is a real ditz, I think I put a quote from the manga in the Favorite quotes thing on here, but anyways. I think if you want a good laugh or something else out of it, girls you definitely want to read. Sorry guys, its more along the lines of starting to looking like a Shounen-Ai. Sorry, but the females might just well enjoy it.

Hehehe, here's one of the quotes from the manga that I am seriously enjoying.

"I don't want to terrorize anybody, mister." Raenef to Eclipse(From Demon Diary)
"YOU WILL REIGN IN TERROR WHETHER YOU LIKE IT OR NOT! To do so would make a laughing stock of both of us." Eclipse to Raenef(Demon Diary)
"Well exCUSE me, mist--. I mean--ulp--sorry...fella." Raenef to Eclipse(From Demon Fairy)
"..." Eclipse(From Demon Fairy)

what u think bout it...?

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