Nico Robin of the lost Ohara

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A wall of nico robin =D! I'm posting it for anyone who would still want it ^^

Erm.. In the back the script says
"And now that attack is being targeted at.... My true friends, the only ones that Iâ?ve ever placed faith in... The longer I stay with them.... The more I betray and endanger them! No matter where I go in this world.... I will always have enemies destined to destroy me! Only because my enemies are the â?worldâ?... and itâ?s â?darknessâ?.... Even though youâ?re all so kind.... If this keeps up... Then you will only see me as a burden to uphold forever! You will eventually betray and abandon me... Itâ?s evitable and thatâ?s what Iâ?m most afraid about!" Its quoted from the manga and so is the little black and white pictures. The translation and pictures were in One Piece Manga v.2

eheheh it got rejected ^_^', would anyone mind to tell me? I'm guessing its unfocused? o_o...

Hope u like the wall though ^_^ the picture of nico robin is from the Nico Robin Shrine Gallery


Thanks you for sharing, it is a nice picture, not a die hard fan but still like to have it!
I really like her outfit XD, goona use as my new wallpaper for a while^^

  • Feb 24, 2006

One possible reason is that you used only text as well as many small images to fill the's always a better idea to focus on creating a background that complements and supports your main scan rather than competing with it for attention
The scan you picked seems to be of decent quality (although I'm not sure if it's quite ok under the new mature content guidelines)
Definitely try again by thinking about how to showcase the one character scan you pick by matching the background to the style of the scan
Keep text to a minimum and make sure it works with the scan and the background
You're right that a wall should have a strong focal point...the scan you're working with :)
Hope that helps...Keep working hard!


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* The white glow around the chara extract is usually not a good idea. It seperates the chara from the bg.

* The use of scan crops, especially b&w manga crops, in walls is discouraged. It's considered a low effort way to fill space.

* The bg script is rather messy and a bit too even, not creatively arranged. Plus it clashes with the heavy sci-fi text at the top.

Basically what cyd84 said: try to find a direction and express it. With this piece it looks like you're trying to be too inclusive, and that becomes distracting. There are too many clashing elements.

Hope this helps. :)

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