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Hi...I'm new to this site and am rather confused by the layout sometimes...

...such as, how do I leave a review? I think that's my main question. The credit system is mystifying (intentionally so) and I'll figure that out eventually, but I want to leave a review for a series and have no idea how to physically go about doing it. I apologize if the question sounds stupid, but I'd love some direction.


Welcome to mt! :)
This thread technically belongs in the "Minitokyo" forum (to ask questions about the site) because the entrance lounge forum is for new members to introduce themselves...however...

The submission system works with the individual categories, so if you wanted to submit a review for say FMA, you would go to Browse...find the FMA category...and then click the submit review link on the left menu bar
Same holds for walls and indy art
I would suggest you check out the review policy before submitting for the details (see links below)

As to credits, check out these links...there's a lot of info but it's laid out in detail

Hope that helps


Thanks you. I remembered looking on the left for any kind of review buttons, but didn't see any. I'll check again. And I read some threads detailing what needs to be contained in a review, but it's good to check out some more info.


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hi there welcome to MT^^ if you need any help feel free to ask, well hope you have lots of fun here and make lots of friends

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You're welcome, marysonnie! Feel free to ask if you have any other questions...enjoy your time at mt!


Hi. Welcome on Mt. I hope you'll enjoy being here.

So since cyd84 has already answered you, I have nothing to add... or maybe I have. Actually, I think it was a better idea to ask in the Entrance Lounge since you are a newcomer and the "newbies" questions aren't really welcomed since the new ones are supposed to read first the rules... even if I admit they are located in too many places and it isn't really easy to find the answer when you have a question.

See you around.


If you haven't read them, I recommend you these threads :
Userguide to Minitoyko 3: credits, browsing, groups and more
Upcoming Adjustment about the Credit Sytem
Free download Quota
Other things that you should know : Support

PS : I'm not sure but I think that by default, the avatars and signatures don't appear. If you want them :
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